Follow us in the journey to discover new ways to communicate the climate challenge worldwide.

All admitted projects to the various editions of the CMCC Award feed this collection and contribute to drawing an inspiring landscape of initiatives innovating climate change communication through various forms of art, theatre, video making, music, photography, journalism, gaming, education, data visualization, and the use of digital channels and tools.

Explore the 307 projects on the map and browse them in grid view!

Follow us in the journey to discover new ways to communicate the climate challenge worldwide.

All admitted projects to the various editions of the CMCC Award feed this collection and contribute to drawing an inspiring landscape of initiatives innovating climate change communication through various forms of art, theatre, video making, music, photography, journalism, gaming, education, data visualization, and the use of digital channels and tools.

Explore the 307 compelling projects on the map or browse them in grid view!

First edition winner

The winning project, determined by the international jury, is FutureSHORELINE, an art + science project that uses a floating and land art installation to visualize the latest scientific flooding projections and the projected municipal adaptation strategy, and conducts social science research to understand its impact in the Boston, MA community. Tha Award Ceremony was held in Milan, Italy on September 30 at the event “Voices of the transition. Climate change communication for a sustainable future“.


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An art and science annual festival that features experiments and performances to understand our Earth and Climate change

The Underwater

A socially engaged art campaign that is facilitating a grassroots climate justice movement in Miami by creating widespread, data-driven, interactive public art installations, exposing the community's vulnerability to rising seas and providing a platform for storytelling, with the ultimate goal of inspiring civic engagement and collective action

Reframing the climate crisis: from data and microbes to ecosystems and scraps

Promoting an open and informed discussion about the social effects of the climate crisis and its mitigation by creating awareness in the general audience and transmitting knowledge to the younger generations


Environmental diplomacy role-playing game


A journalistic project dedicated to the coverage of climate crisis, environment, biodiversity and sustainability

Afrikan Youth Caravan

A decentralized youth mobilization, aimed at bringing together and meaningfully engaging Afrikan youth in climate leadership, highlighting their actions, challenges and sharing information through regional workshops which climax with attendance to the annual Conference of Parties

Care About COP: International Climate Diplomacy Training for Youth

A virtual, multilingual educational course developed by youth, for youth about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COPs) to empower young people with skills to push for ambitious climate policy at the international scale

Carbon Bombs

Mapping the world's largest fossil fuel extraction projects (1+ Gigatonnes of potential CO2 emissions) under a new framing, and develop strategies with the climate movement to 'defuse' them

Preserving Paradise: A Reporting Series on Protected Areas of the Philippines

A reporting series that highlights the significance of protected areas in the Philippines in combating climate change, produced by Climate Tracker Asia fellows from Eastern Samar

World Climate Conference: a play re-enacting the COPs

The director ensemble “Rimini Protokoll” re-enacted the mammoth-scale drama of diplomacy in the play “Weltklimakonferenz” (World Climate Conference) in the “Deutsches Schauspielhaus” theatre in Hamburg, Germany.

Survive the Century: a cli-fi game of choice and consequences

A choose-your-own-adventure-style game that lets players explore the political, environmental and social choices and consequences humans face between 2021 and 2100 as we try to mitigate and adapt to the ravages of climate change (or not)

Climate Tracker – Raising the Next Generation of Environmental Journalists

Empowering the next generation of environmental journalists to stand up for our planet.

Together for 1.5°C

A series of stories of European Climate Pact ambassadors taking climate action in their countries and regions

Using social media and other media channels to show East African Crude Oil Pipeline project narrative

The project intends to have comprehensive coverage of the activities happening in the development of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), draw attention to the ongoing human and environmental rights abuses, and illustrate how they threaten the environment, biodiversity and what their carbon contributions are, to the public by use of social media and other media channels

The Town That Could Be – A time travel journal from Reading 2045

A project aimed to empower the citizens of Reading to imagine the sustainable future of the town and to map out its Just Transition through co-creation workshops, storytelling and speculative design

The climate solution on our plates: Getting animal agriculture onto the global climate agenda

The campaign aimed to bring the climate impact of food choices, particularly those related to animal agriculture and meat production, onto the global climate agenda and into national-level climate protection strategies

Climate Narrative Project / Mare Nostrum Theatre Project

Bringing together science, arts and the humanities to train a new generation of climate storytellers and galvanize climate action, using narrative arts to give a sense of urgency and humanity

Through the Climate Lens

A digital conference organized by Climate Tracker to empower Southeast Asian journalists in telling impactful climate stories and addressing the urgent need for understanding the impacts of climate change and renewable energy solutions

Climate Matters

High-quality, science-based visuals and analyses for media and communicators every week, typically localized to the 200+ media markets in the United States, helping these professionals connect more effectively and efficiently with their audiences and stakeholders


Constructive journalism may help people coping with climate change

Where the lost things are

How many treasures are we losing because of climate change? When art meets science the voice is louder

Initiative for a Safer Climate

A network that brings together science, civil society and art to create new spaces for climate discussion and action under the umbrella theme of safer climate


A combination of art, sustainability, game, and participation in a unique experience

Erosion – a photo exhibition about the effects of and adaptation to climate change

An innovative communication effort, mixing documentary photography, personal narratives and scientific information, with the aim of making the climate issue less abstract for people along the shorelines of Skåne, southern Sweden

Climate Visuals

Based on international social research, Climate Visuals provides 7 principles for a more diverse, relatable and compelling visual language for climate change accessed via an online image library.

ART3C – Climate, Community, Communication. ‘Montado’ (corkforest) Landscape

An initative to raise awareness through science and art cocreation on the climate change impacts on the Mediterranean ‘Montado’ (oak woodlands), an ecosystem and landscape of high nature, culture and economic value in the south of Portugal

Comic book “Special Report: Adaptation to Climate Change in Portugal”

A comic book about adaptation to climate change in Portugal which is directed at lay audiences, with interesting characters, stories and a plot easy to follow.

Climate Routes

The project uses visual art to show the possible relationship between climate change and migration both to potential ‘climate refugees’ and to the broader public, in order to foster awareness on this still scarcely understood category

A life’ work washed away

A story that discusses the impact of coastal erosion on fishing communities in Ghana and emphasizes the need for action to protect coastlines and those who live along them

360 Video Tours of Carbon Offsetting Projects

Fully-immersive virtual tours of carbon reduction and removal projects in Kenya, Guatemala, and Bangladesh to demonstrate the positive environmental and community impacts delivered by carbon finance in 360-degree video that is compatible with virtual reality (VR) headsets


A journalistic investigation dedicated to the climate anxiety, focused on the state of play of both American and European academic research in the field

The Cooling Solution

A scientific project that uses photography to investigate how people of different socio-economic backgrounds around the world adapt to high temperatures and humidity

Global Spotlight Project by Climate Scorecard

CLIMATE SCORECARD is a participatory, transparent, and open data effort to engage all concerned citizens to support The Paris Agreement.

HydroMeteoClimate Report for Emilia-Romagna – 2020

Describing the observed climate variability in the context of climate change, using communication instruments aimed at reaching the general public in order to create awareness, increasing public involvement and competence on climate change and variability

Boots on the Ground Podcast

An interview style podcast whose aim is to amplify voices for conservation one conversation at a time

SECOSTA (Citizen Science for climate research)

Empowering the youth for action against climate change impacts

Prima ora, scienze

A newsletter aimed at teachers, in the interest of students

The Icebreaker

A Tabletop Roleplay Game developed by game designers and scientists. The Icebreaker focuses on the Antarctic environment, which plays a key role in the climate balance, and the research activities carried out to explore the continent aboard a research vessel

anthropoScene IV : Adrift (∆Asea-ice)

A video triptych that visualises the contribution that we make to a rapidly warming planet by flying

The Philippines in Transition

Climate Tracker produced a video series and stories to drive conversations about just transition, addressing challenges and opportunities for a fair and inclusive shift to a green economy in the Philippines

Climate Talks – radio show about people and climate

The first regular thematic radio show about people and climate in Croatia, entitled "Cuvarkuca" (meaning: the one who cares about home)

Creating climate change and conservation awareness through Yakshagana – a folk drama

The project aims to spread awareness on climate change, biodiversity and importance of coastal/mangrove ecosystems, sustainable harvesting of coastal resources, sustainable livelihood alternatives, issues of coastal erosion, mangrove restoration projects and carbon credits through Yakshagana – a very famous folk art of coastal Karnataka

Climate change and human health

A series of articles on climate change and health topic, contributing to which is a site funded by the European Climate Foundation

The Burning Question

A dual-medium creative arts project to raise awareness of climate change in Eswatini, featuring a regional fine art exhibition at the Bushfire Festival and a freely-distributed feature-length creative writing supplement in the national newspaper

FUTURE EARTH. Young People Creativity on Climate Change

A Live Art event created by the artist Davide Ragazzi, conceived for the purpose of presenting the artist’s works and a process of activating the Next Generation on the theme of anxiety in young people for climate change

Our changing menu

Using multiple communication methods we are helping people better understand the challenges posed by climate change using the foods they love and need

Story of a Civic Sentinel

A graphic novel intended to communicate the impacts of extractive industries on people and on our planet, but it is also a mean to stimulate engagement and action, suggesting that everyone can respond proactively by performing civic environmental monitoring

Castagni Parlanti project

The trees are finally able to communicate in real time with all of us, highlighting their needs

Collagen craze drives deforestation and rights abuses

A package of content to highlight our team's investigation into how the global demand for collagen is driving deforestation and rights abuses in Brazil

Content management of the website about adaptation to climate change

Interactive information exchange and education on climate change adaptation to raise awareness and involve all stakeholders in planning and implementing adaptation at the local level

Young Reporters for the Environment through the Litter Less Campaign (Phase V)

Litter Less Campaign is an environmental literacy project implemented through the Young Reporters for Environment programme (YRE-LLC) aiming at providing youth with the necessary skills to raise awareness and take action on local sustainability issues, by reporting on these issues as young journalists

Climate Adaptation Game

Serious gaming for the target group of high school students and politicians

Something’s Jellyfishy in the State of Italy

An in-depth journalistic feature story on how climate change and human pressure make the jellyfish population in the Mediterranean explode and how scientists are trying to solve the problem by convincing us to eat the gelatinous creatures

Drops for life

Water rapresents the source of life itself: vital for survival as well as vehicle of memories and ancestral narratives. Today it is indeed water that witnesses the harmful effects of climatic change. A work by the artist Maria Amalia Cangiano

The Learning Lounge – Climate communication for decision makers

A space where decision makers in politics and the economy are invited to receive in depth information on the risks of the climate crisis by scientists in a hierarchy-free safe space, enabling them to ask questions and open their minds towards necessary change

Ghiaccio Fragile

A project aimed at bringing together the world of scientific research with that of education and dissemination

Agenzia di Stampa Giovanile

A news portal made for, with and to young people with the aim of promote young communicators’ voices so that they can meet and dialogue on issues relevant to youth and society as a whole, especially climate change issues

anthropoScene I : Breakdown

The traffic just seems to be getting worse every day at Iceland's iceberg lagoon, Jökulsárlón...

Climate Change Theatre Action 2021

A worldwide distributed festival of readings and performances of short plays about the climate crisis presented September 19 - December 18, 2021 to coincide with the United Nations COP 26 meetings


An immersive and poetic artwork reflective of delicate and intricate natural connections found in remaining ‘wild’ environments

Green Patrol in Action

Corruption, sustainable development and environmental protection, information and support to Civil Society Organizations

Using Wikipedia to enhance global knowledge on climate change

Through Wikipedia, we have enhanced the quality and accessibility of climate change information on the world's largest online encyclopaedia, and empowered a community of climate change editors from the global South

Canada, climate change and education: Opportunities for public and formal education

Benchmarking climate change education in order to advocate for climate education transformation

Sustainable Mountain Art (SMArt)

The programme aims at raising awareness about sustainable development issues in mountain regions through art, and more specifically through photography

Environmental graphiti – The art of climate change

Environmental Graphiti uses contemporary art to interpret and dramatize climate science data to enhance the general public’s understanding of what is happening to our world, why it’s happening, and what we must do to address this critical issue

Covering the Climate and Water Nexus in Southeast Asia

The project aims to support journalists in Southeast Asia in producing stories that explore the interconnectedness of climate change and water issues, with a focus on regional and country-specific perspectives

PARCAE. Adventures Lab

Bringing the reflection on global warming and its social consequences into schools by making the students write their own sci-fi role-play adventure

The Mapa Post

A virtual media platform that seeks to cover climate change related stories of people at the frontline of the climate crisis


The project strengthen capacities for climate change adaptation related to risk management of vulnerable communities and of national and local government institutions

Digital Content Creators Hub

The Digital Content Creators Hub empowers and supports young storytellers to produce engaging and science-based content about climate change, reshaping the climate narrative and inspiring action

Info Climat

A media project that seeks to encourage the agricultural public of the Fizi territory to adopt climate-responsible behavior for sustainable agriculture

Climate Campaigner project

An app that offers diverse and tailored climate challenges that can help residents from across the globe reduce their carbon footprint in a fun and engaging way

Ok!Clima – Il clima si tocca con mano

A good dialogue is the starting point to trigger effective collective action on climate change

Faces of Climate Resilience

A 16 part short documentary series that highlights success stories of climate adaptation through the voices of vulnerable people pan-India

The Climate Fresk

A cards game that accesses a great level of understanding of climate change science in 3 hours, with a group

Climate and health campaign

A campaign to communicate the link between climate change and human health

I Was Just a Child

A short hybrid documentary about the experience of a young super typhoon survivor in the Philippines and how extreme weathers are connected to climate change

Play4Climate project

An innovative environmental education project to understand, discuss, and take action on climate change through play and fun

Group Global 3000 e.V.

Exhibiting art for sustainability and climate protection since 2013

Images from a warming planet

To document the impacts of climate change and the rise of renewable energy on all seven continents and to communicate the climate emergency

Climate justice through youth education

The impacts of climate change disproportionately affect those who are often the least responsible for it. This project mitigates climate change by addressing it through a human lens, thereby achieving climate justice led by young people whose future is at stake, using ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) as a transformative tool to provide them with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to think and act for a sustainable future

Bello Mondo

With its twelve episodes and twelve guests, an original Spotify podcast produced by Chora Media that talks about climate and climate change, written and presented by Elisa Palazzi, climatologist at the University of Torino and by Federico Taddia, journalist, author, writer


Explaining the climate science everyone needs to know, in ways that everyone can understand

Green Anglicans

Educate and mobilise Anglicans (and other people of faith) around the world to care for the environment, by sharing best practice models, scientific information and inspirational stories


Climoji are a set of emoji that address major causes and symptoms of climate change, that provide a visual shorthand with which to communicate on digital platforms.

Sea Change, Take Action!

The project is a video animation produced to establish an intergenerational dialogue on the impact of climate change in coastal areas and the available adaptation solutions to tackle this problem - It is a call to action for all ages!

Platform of Latin America and the Caribbean for Climate Action on Agriculture (PLACA)

A regional mechanism for voluntary collaboration that seeks to promote and strengthen exchanges between countries to enhance inter-institutional exchanges on climate action in agriculture, livestock, food security and climate change

Beniamina 360

Experience an interactive 360º multimedia tour of an extraordinarily tiny, low-lying seaweed farming island community in the Solomon Islands

Climate Change in South Africa mini series

Three comedy news explainer videos and a live studio roundtable unpacking the climate crisis in South Africa


A playful, interactive sound sculpture which translates climate data into the chimes of 34 ceramic bells in an open sided wooden greenhouse structure

Climate News Network

We work to help other journalists, especially in the global South, to understand climate change and their readerships' need for reliable and intelligible reporting of it, and then to report it clearly and objectively.

Eat the Streets!

Eat the Streets and put down roots for a tastier tomorrow

The Carbon Literacy Project: fostering low carbon culture

A project to communicate climate change in a relevant way to everyone that lives, works and studies; certifying learners and Carbon Literate and training Trusted Messengers who deliver carbon literacy courses relevant to their sector and context

Climate and Environment Program in Central Asia: Communication for Climate and Awareness (C4CA)

The project promotes climate resilience, green growth, and sustainable development by engaging with and raising awareness among Central Asia policymakers, civil society, academia. media, youth, and affected communities while facilitating regional dialogue, knowledge exchange, and the adoption of climate-resilient and circular economy models

On the trail of the glaciers

A photographic-scientific project that combines photographic comparison and scientific research in order to disseminate the effects of climate change through the observation of changes in glacial masses over the last 150 years

Turn it Around! Youth Visions of Climate Futures

A global socially engaged art initiative to reimagine our approach to education and our relationship with nature and the living world during this time of climate crisis

The witch with the climate remote control – La strega col climacomando

An ecomagic comedy for children and families, which summarizes the truth about climate change and ends with a strong call to action


Innovations to tackle environmental challenges such as pollution

Let’s unravel this knot!

A guide for kids (and whoever wants) to dig deeper into the links between water, food and energy

Climate Feedback: an international network of scientists assessing the credibility of climate information online

Climate Feedback is a worldwide network of scientists sorting fact from fiction in climate change media coverage to help readers know which news to trust.

On the Contrary by IDR

A show that seeks to explore similarities and differences in perspectives of two guest speakers, to arrive at a new, shared understanding on a topic

Energy Portraits

A bottom-up photography initiative that strives to contribute to the UN Agenda 2030 and UNFCCC climate process by highlighting the importance of modern energy access for human development and for protecting our planet

Energy Reporting Guide

A toolkit designed to assist journalists in Southeast Asia in effectively covering the complex topics of energy and climate change through video explainers, infographics, data journalism basics, and additional resources


A high-resolution animated interactive global map of present and possible future climate

POP Movement, Youth inspired by knowledge

Climate Change, Youth Led inspired by knowledge and actions


A crowdsourcing, donation and collaboration platform that has the goal of inviting people to be aware of the forest and help preserve the forest

Emotion for Change

The desire for care and custody for living beings on Earth, rather than from the fear of climatic catastrophes, can arise from the love for the sublime and harmonious beauty that music and nature have in common

Rethinking Climate

A youth-led nonprofit that tries to open conversations about complex and overlooked climate issues to make them more personal, accessible, and inclusive through research, interviews, and direct engagement and activities. This regards HOW we talk about sustainability and its narrative

The town with the cleanest air in the world

Ny-Alesund: the place where the cleanest air on Earth is and serves as a global average, housing the largest laboratory for modern Arctic research in existence

Climate change comics

A cartoon about climate change designed for young people and students

Getting the Climate Science Facts Right: The Role of the IPCC

A book that explores the Role of IPCC and provides the historical context of climate change and the role of international organization on climate change


A gamified search engine that connects individuals with climate impact projects worldwide, empowering them to take action against the climate crisis

Tierra Grata media

What climate change looks like in rural Colombia

Projeto 19

Projeto 19 combines ocean literacy, science education and science communication by inviting high school students to convert ocean research papers into artistic performances and outreach activities

My Story is a Climate Story

A photo and writing project that brings to life the impacts of climate change on residents of Los Angeles

Planet Book. The exhibition

The disruptive power of stunning photographs, combined with the striking words of the 21st century young generation, can make a difference in opening the minds of us all


Integrated communication and education campaign highlighting the impact of climate change in the context of citizen science expeditions to the Arctic

Climate Communications 101

A video manual on how to talk about climate change and encourage action to anyone without losing any friends

AdriAdapt knowledge platform

Supporting cities in the Adriatic region to be at the forefront of local climate action

Youth Awareness of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Engaging Youth in Climate Change Mitigation through Environmental Education. Tree Planting and Beekeeping


An eco-rock gig-theatre musical, designed to light a fire inside your belly to go out and fight for truth, to fight for climate justice, to fight for the world


Local hubs designed to accelerate the ecological transition on cities, including everyone, to put power back in the hands of the communities


Bibliot-Eco is the first ecological library in Rome where citizens can get a free book in exchange for 5 plastic bottles

Green Catalyst

Nurturing Youth for Environment Protection

Explaining climate change and its implications, down to earth

The Color, Green

A poetry anthology that examines the subtle and adverse effects of climate change on African indigenous communities and the planet

The Put A Price On It Campaign

The Put A Price On It campaign empowers students and millennials across the U.S. to hold polluters accountable with a price on carbon pollution.

Balkan Green Energy News portal

BGEN is a free-of-charge online portal covering sustainable energy, climate change, green economy developments from a selection of accurate, reliable and straight to the point news, policy actions and investment opportunities from the Balkan region.

Climate Connect: Empowering Climate Education with Data-Driven Insights and Practical Tools

The project endeavors to equip individuals and communities with accurate and practical knowledge and valuable resources to tackle the challenges of climate change effectively by increasing their access to reliable climate education

The Climate We Want

Precise and conscious information about climate change

Raise Your Voice Campaign

A campaign that empowers individuals, engages stakeholders, and utilizes diverse communication strategies to raise awareness and take action on environmental conservation, climate change, and clean energy issues in Uganda

The Humming of Marine Heat Waves

A short film by the +ATLANTIC CoLAB to convey to the public the increasing frequency of Marine Heat Waves (MHW) in the North Atlantic basin, by converting scientific data into a musical composition, combined with poetry and video

No Place Green Enough

A storytelling podcast that strives to shed light on major global issues of today related to climate, gender, health, environment & development

The Energy Game

Deciding about energy and environment: a game for thinking

Climate Change Leaders School

Training and mentorship for young people who are looking to become leaders to face the Climate Change crisis

MUGO HR: Climate Pills and Climate Coaching for a carbon neutral workforce

A one-stop user-friendly experience to engage corporate communities towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle

En-ROADS Solutions Simulator/Mastering En-ROADS Training Series

A free, online training series that supports participants in learning complex climate system dynamics and facilitate learning events using the En-ROADS Solutions Simulator

Gary Ecopolis Project

Gary Ecopolis Project is designed to engage community in discussion, education and action encouraging the transformation of Gary, Indiana into a "Regenerative City"

The Sustainability Trivia Game

A fun and educational game designed to teach players about sustainability, waste reduction, climate action, and the circular economy. Players move around the board answering trivia questions, collecting and sorting materials into the correct recycling categories. The player with the most eco points wins!

Giudizio Universale – The last judgement

An information campaign to defend the rights to a safe climate and promote the fist climate litigation in Italy against the Italian state for its insufficient climate action


VR experience inside a European wooded area affected by drought and fires

Climate Live

Youth-led climate concerts and events for climate action

O Planeta pode ser (The Planet can be)

Series of 5 videos on what the planet can be - if we decide to change the course of things

Climate Labs – The backstage of climate change

A photographic journey through climate labs and research camps to understand how climate science is made and the people behind it, to understand how we know what we know about climate change

Why eco-activists poured soup on Van Gogh?

Video explainer about why climate activists organize outrageous actions, what are their goals and what is ecotage

School Lunch 2050

A project that presents food system and climate change research through four realistic looking lunch set displays allowing the viewer to immerse and wonder “which future do I want to eat?”


An award-winning climate storytelling and public engagement project which invites people to write climate letters to those they love living in the future

CRESCENDOschools – European network of Schools for Earth System Modelling and Climate Change

In CRESCENDOschools the students increased the scientific understanding of global climate change by interacting with researchers, learning new skills and having fun

Peri Bumi

Connection-based approach for an integrated sustainable society


The impacts of climate change on water as a Simulacrum medium

Changing Climates

A science-based, data driven weekly column published in Australia's leading online news sites seeking to improve climate literacy in the general public

Sindh Floods

A documentary on the floods came in Sindh, Pakistan. The reason behind this project is to make people aware of the disasters and upcoming dangers related to climate change

Phonosynthesis – Music from alien species

An art-science project that aims to communicate scientific content through music and interactivity

Climate Music

A musical and environmental project which joins energies from music and science, to represent under an innovative perspective, what the climate crisis is

The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book

The Infographic Energy Transition Coloring Book breaks down the complex story of climate change and the energy transition into beautiful infographics that can be colored in!

Non so Come dirtelo

How to communicate properly Ecological Transition

Creating climate change urgency and agency in Namibia

Creating urgency and agency on climate action for Namibia


An art + science project that uses a floating and land art installation to visualize the latest scientific flooding projections and the projected municipal adaptation strategy, and conducts social science research to understand its impact in the Boston, MA community

Climate Change Education, The Pathway to a Resilient Development

Empowering young people in schools and communities with climate information and ways to take action through environmentally friendly income-generating activities

Climate fiction for children

Climate fiction that educates and gives hope to children and young people


Using the means of social media combined with scientific knowledge to raise awareness about climate change and about the work of the scientists, creating a sense of "we-are-in-this-together" with the audience

The Way is Agroecology

Agricultural activities account for approximately 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions, mainly from the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For this reason, through this documentary, producers, marketers and consumers open their doors to affirm that THE WAY IS AGROECOLOGY

Impressions from COP24 Podcast

A podcast to allow more people to experience a high-level environmental conference (COP24) closely


We start from a small school in a small place to make public buildings energy autonomous and environmentally friendly not only in the building, but in every element of design and furniture

Perspectives on Climate Sciences: from historical developments to research frontiers

A series of webinars from renowned scientists in the field, about their career and how their scientific results influenced and might influence the community, aimed at young researchers and an educated audience

Science Field

Educational package on oceanography focusing on the oceanic conveyor belt, the constantly moving system of deep-sea circulation, fundamental for the Earth’s thermal balance and for the distribution of nutrients and carbon-rich water from the poles to the tropics


A climate roadmap that transforms waste into art

Green Obsession, Trees Towards Cities, Humans Towards Forests

Trees toward Cities, Humans toward Forests" is an approach to architecture and urban planning, but more importantly it is the way to imagine the future of contemporary cities

Algumassa Energia

A Facebook and Instagram page that aims to inform people about climate change, the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the use of renewable energy as a solution in Mozambique, a country which is frequently affected by cyclones

Cranky Uncle

The Cranky Uncle game employs the concept of inoculation theory to arm players with the tools to combat climate misinformation

anthropoScene III : Hellisheiði

Three-screen video installation about the Climeworks/CarbFix2 project at Hellisheiði, Iceland, the world’s first industrial-scale "carbon scrubbing" experiment to capture carbon dioxide (CO₂) directly from Earth's atmosphere

Musica d’Ambiente

Using music to teach environmental education (including climate change) to children

Climate Stories

A new template for engagement between the public and environmental scientists, one that involves working with arts practitioners for whom storytelling and communication lies in their professional DNA.

Earth Day Torino 2023

A collaborative initiative between Club Silencio and AWorld, aimed at promoting and encouraging active citizen participation in sustainable development and climate change issues, to inspire lifestyle change and action involving adaptation of the best practices aligned with the goals of Agenda 2030

Hail, a growing problem

A report on the increase in hailstorms in Europe as a result of climate change

BA Climate Action

An open data platform that brings together energy efficiency, sustainability and waste management policies to combat climate change, based on the principles of transparency, co-creation, citizen participation, accountability and innovation


A proposal of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley that seeks to promote Sustainable Mobility in the region


Climate mitigation and adaptation demand collaboration and efforts by all groups of actors. KNOWING addresses people from all disciplines, professions and walks of life to join this global endeavour and provides the knowledge, tools and support to change perspectives and developments

Between the Sea and the Shore

Embodying nature


An environmental data-driven plant-robot that shows how our political choices made today, impact the climate of tomorrow

SeaPacs – Participatory Citizen Science Against marine pollution and climate change

Empowering local communities in understanding anthropogenic changes in marine ecosystems due to pollution and temperature raise, and triggering social inclusivity and participation actions


Generate an improvement for the planet through immersive and cooperative gaming experiences: play as a team, change reality

Voces de los Territorios

Communitarian network than transforms the city environment

Intergenerational Ambassadors of Environmental Sustainability (IAES)

Intergenerational Ambassadors of Environmental Sustainability (IAES) aims to provide kids and parents/grandparents in Togo with the necessary advocacy tools to go out there, initiate climate actions and claim climate Justice through campaigns and awareness using video, drawing or other events

Activating Individuals and Communities to Adopt Low Carbon Technologies for a Sustainable Future

Activating Individuals and Communities to Adopt Low Carbon Technologies for a Sustainable Future through testimonial, how-to, and climate leader videos

Akamba Mfina: Climate Chaos in the Animal Kingdom

The story book presents the voices of animals; fish and other beings that are routinely being sacrificed at the pleasure of humans

Race for Decarbonization

A gamified and educational experience for kids and teenagers to understand and face Climate Change. Playing for learning and learning by playing to mitigate and adjust to the climate change

Stand Up for Climate

Comedy as a lever of change and engaging people to take action for climate

An Anthropocene Primer

A born-digital, open access, living publication where participants can engage and find interactive activities that give sense of scale to our environment that ties to local and global issues related to the our current geological epoch

Piccoli Passi Verdi

A transdisciplinary project to help people become more sustainble through small steps and by exercising empathy towards others


An immersive 4-screen audiovisual installation from a remote part of Earth's melting cryosphere — where water is found in solid form — these video vignettes are centred on the humans & non-humans whose existence is undergoing rapid transformation

Climate Caravans Lecce

A project aimed to empower young participants to reflect on and address the challenges of climate change through creative methods, education, and cooperation in the Apulia region of Italy

Viagem pelo Clima (Climate Journey)

A competition towards carbon neutrality

Comic book “Climate change challenge”

A comic book about climate change which is mainly directed at European teenagers


A long-term environmental-artistic project in which the community is activated towards environmental protection in an innovative and creative way

Climate Change Primer

How to communicate climate change so you can inspire action

2047 Short Stories from Our Common Future

Short stories from around the world about our future

A Far-sighted Fox

Nature to save the world: A Comic about Nature-based Solutions

Ci sarà un bel clima

"There will be a good climate" is a party

Climate Change with John Kioli

A video interview with John Kioli, a member of the Kenya Climate Change Council, Executive Director at Green Africa Foundation and the Chairperson of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group. He helped draft the Climate Change Act of 2016 and other policies in Kenya


Visualisation of geochemical data showing climatic and environmental change in the Maya lowlands over 6000 years

Climate Change in Data: The Physical Science Basis

A digital visual narrative to present and understand the key findings of one of the most important climate reports of the 21st century

Green Challenge Nigeria

A virtual program sponsored by Yoma and UNICEF and hosted on the Goodwall platform that engaged youth to learn about environmental sustainability, raise awareness around the issues that affect their communities and take actions

Curious Climate Tasmania

A public-powered scientific engagement project that has successfully bridged the gap between experts and communities by providing local people with credible, relevant information about climate change

The Climate is Changing my Life Project

Climate change communication, the community is involved

Blue (Eco) Print

A social media, catchy, campaign to raise awareness on the loss of biodiversity caused by human activities and climate change in the Mediterranean

The Climate Limbo

A documentary on climate change and how it fuels migrations

Climate Change Communication for Action@ Hanyang University (HYU) – digital Art DIY picture book

Our project uses Art DIY so we can encourage the participants to become doers not only observers. We decided to use animals as our heroes to develop stories for the young generation to get transformed into "doers" through the digital Art DIY Picture Book

Communicating natural climate solutions as solutions to climate change – Nature4Climate

A campaign to make land use as important as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean transport and industrial emissions reductions, in the battle against climate change.

Familial Forestry

Societal Engagement in climate action by relating trees as green members of the families

Arula Games

Advancing climate change literacy through board games

Conversation Community

Doubts on climate change? Ask, understand, act and ask again

Climate Critters

Climate Critters is podcast/animated tale about the decline of biodiversity and an example of how to narrate the loss of biodiversity to a younger audience in a fun and yet informative way

Urban landscapes and climate change, the contribution of landscape architects to improve the quality of life

This Report is one of a series of reports to the Council of Europe raising awareness of the profession, its holistic approach, its commitment to the European Landscape Convention, and its value to society

GreenSpace Construction

A webinar showing that each of us can do something for the environment

From Climate Change to a Sustainable Energy System

A publishing project consisting in two textbooks, one on climate change and one on energy transition, with freely accessible online updates

Renewable Energy

An animated video about renewable energy as an environmentally friendly driver to overcome climate change

Climate Change Writers Advocacy

One article at a time, as advocates, we are projecting the change we want to see in the environment

Digital Cleanup Day

An initiative to involve millions of people in the climate change topic - the simple step of deleting files will lead to a larger understanding that everybody’s actions count

Climate without Borders

Helping weather presenters to become excellent climate communicators.

Mata Atlantica 2030: The Next Frontier

A short documentary film that aims to raise awareness about sustainable development solutions for the Atlantic Forest, a biome where 70% of the Brazilian population lives today

Ride verde chi ride ultimo

A weekly comedy newsletter on the climate and environmental crisis

“Dipendenza dal Gas” – La Serie (in English: “Gas Addiction” – The Series)

A series of videos which retraces the energy-story of Italy and a possible future

#HablemosDeEmergenciaClimática (#Let’sTalkAboutClimateEmergency)

A journalistic research based on Mutante’s social conversation methodology where we asked ourselves about how climate change is affecting different communities and how we can adapt to it in Colombia

Testigos de Hielo (Ice Sentinels)

An art-science exhibition and memorable experience aiming to spot-light the role of glaciers as a climate sentinel in the common life of the citizens in a region that is under a severe hydric-stress due to a long drought as consequence of the global climate change

Game On! Don’t let climate change end the game!

Climate change awareness raising through gamification in eight Central and Eastern European countries

Teal Tool for Climate data visualisation

Free climate data visualisation tool for awareness raising, education and climate science communication

Amazonia 4.0, The Reset Begins

A short film showing that the Amazon is very close to the tipping point of the disappearance, but also that there are solutions and we need to look for a sustainable future for the Amazon

Keepers of the earth, yes we are

An environment educative song with full african percussion for driving global behavioral change for climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss

Másfél fok (1,5 Degrees)

Bridging the gap between science and media for a climate aware, resilient and proactive society

World Ocean Radio

World Ocean Radio is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays on a wide range of ocean and climate issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects.

E.D.N.A. (Equilibrio Dinamico di Natura Ambientale) vs E.D.N.A. (Equilibrio Dinamico di Natura Antopica): chi vincerà?

The passing of time describes the climate that changes second by second. The changing climate is the result of the time choices made previously

Net Zero

A book that contains a call to action for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Red Line – Knitting Radicals

We are a craftivist group and we use knitting as a methodology to bring awareness and mobilize people to climate activism

Summer School “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Climate Change” (a.k.a. Climate Change Summer School)

An innovative and multidisciplinary program that intends to change student’s life by providing them with new perspectives on humanity’s most pressing problem, on their studies and/or careers

Global warming

A collection of images created by assembling photography, drawing, and computer graphics to raise awareness on climate change

Net Earth

A digital primer series on the reality, ubiquity and dangers of the climate crisis—and how we can meet the challenge

… and then? Visions of the future

“Think about and write by yourself the future that concerns you”: the largest crowd foresight & crowd writing experience


Cyan tells the tale of climate change through the lens of dizainic poetry

QUEST Podcast: Climate Change

A podcast episode offering a lively and thoughtful discussion between a leading climate scientist and an influential journalist on how to frame communication about transition towards a global green economy

Local Voices for Sustainability

We sit down with advocates, experts and officials from ICLEI Europe member cities to discuss their sometimes rocky, but always interesting, journey towards a more sustainable future

“From protest to proposal” video and campaign

An animated video to engage civil society with the outcomes of the Regional Conference Of Youth calling to sign a campaing to support the document "From protest to proposal" that contains recommendations for big emitters and policy makers in Latinamérica

Smog-eating graffiti

Science tells people what, art tells people why

Solarise Delhi Campaign

A community-based campaign focused on climate sustainable behaviour that builds trust and awareness through word of mouth and social media and encourages individual households to adopt rooftop solar

Demystifying Climate Policy: Making COP27 Accessible for Young People

Complex, jargon-heavy international climate policy processes and developments made accessible, transparent and understandable for young people enabling them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to engage in climate policy and climate action

Black Earth Podcast

An interview podcast celebrating nature and inspiring black women leaders in the environmental movement, rooted in joy, science and the black experience

Bleaching – Save the coral

The interactive artwork visualizes the coral bleaching process to arouse people's attention and thinking about climate warming, while experimenting on low fired self glazed ceramic materials to explore how to reduce energy consumption and gas emissions in ceramic production from the perspective of ceramic artists

Threats to birds in Kenya

An article about the threats to birds in Kenya with climate change reducing food availability for flamingos


WorldClimaps is set to be part of the climate solution by centralizing scientifically reliable information on climate change on a world map, and by building a global collaborative community ready to take action towards a sustainable society

How to talk to people about climate action

A toolkit to explain and communicate climate action to your community

Hazard NJ Episode 3: Heart of Ringwood

A series examining prominent Superfund sites around New Jersey, and ways they're impacted by climate change. Hosted by journalist Jordan Gass-Poore'

The #MyEUClimatePact challenge

Influencer campaign to encourage young people to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Against large cruise ships

An awareness campaign to affirm the rights of the city and spread the most relevant and reliable information on the issue of big ships

Feeling the Heat

Using thermographic cameras that "see" heat, this visually arresting 3-screen video artwork asks how climate scientists respond to the climate crisis on a personal level


Dance and music let us sense the effects of climate change

Green Art Incubator

A platform that places the necessary dialogue between artistic practices and climate change at the center of its reflection by supporting and empowering actors in these fields toward the green transformation processes and promoting the notion of culture as an agent of change in this context

Board Game: Another Strategy for Climate Change Education

Two themed board games that support education to spread climate knowledge to a wider community

Amplifying Voices, Sparking Action: Empowering Campus Journalists in Eastern Visayas

The program aims to empower campus journalists in the Eastern Visayas region in the Philippines with climate journalism and storytelling skills to effectively cover climate change issues and contribute to climate narratives and policies

Energy Transition Game

The role-playing social simulation that allows to experience social, economic and environmental challenges of energy transition.

Webinars on the climate change

Live streaming webinars on climate-related topics

CiC – Cambiare il Clima (Change the Climate)

An encounter between theatre and scientific research for a new narrative about climate change

The Green Beat Initiative – An online environmental journalism training program

The Green Beat Initiative is the first-ever virtual capacity-building program on environmental journalism for 100 campus journalists and school paper advisers in the Philippines

Climate Agora

Community of actors interested in climate-related issues or working with climate initiatives who who wish to gain knowledge, share ideas, and take action at a local level

Visualizing how climate change and growing population affect our water resources

This video animation shows the results of combining climate change, with its impact on the availability of water resources, and of a growing world population, which leads to a growing demand for food


We are and act Climaticamente, in line with the needs of the Earth and Climate: because an adverb can be enough to make the world a better place

Faith in Climate: religious communities and climate change

Through dialogue among science, religion and indigenous traditions, the Faith in Climate initiative seeks to expand mobilization and enhance the engagement of faith communities in the challenges of the climate crisis and the urgency of action

The Environment Through Your Eyes

The Environment Through Your Eyes is a project that seeks to expose the effects of climate change and environmental issues through the camera lens of affected individuals in Nigeria

Let’s Act!

A project that supports teachers in using innovative online pedagogical methods and digital tool in their climate and SDG education

Collaborative Programs on Climate Change

Collaborative program to empower professionals and sustainable SMEs on climate change

Radio Semilla

A podcast that shares long format conversations about social and ecological regeneration, based on first hand experiences and decades of practice of people from very diverse backgrounds all across Latin America

Carbon podcasts by Pact Capital

The podcasts series aims to help the better understanding of carbon markets

A Glimpse into the Future

The project was an open exhibition and workshop of future visioning, during which bystanders were encouraged to envision a sustainable future for the city of Bruxelles using analog augmented reality techniques and then add their vision to the connected ever-expanding exhibition

National Security Voices for Clean Energy

We gathered former US military, intelligence and national security leaders to share their perspectives on why moving away from fossil fuels and transitioning to clean energy is a geopolitical imperative for the United States

Solis, solar platform of Lisbon

A product/service developed by Lisboa E-Nova to support the implementation of a solar strategy for the city of Lisbon, with the aim of promoting knowledge and wide acceptance of solar technology among the citizens of Lisbon, encouraging its adoption

American Chestnut Leaf Sculpture

Ecological leaf sculptures are a way to engage people in nature

School Project

Knowledge to empower youth for climate

Green Earth Initiative Cameroon

An initiative that uses environmental education and awareness to equip and empower students and young people across Cameroon to be drivers of climate action in their schools, homes and communities

Six Petals to the end

The vivid and metaphorical representation of our view of climate change

Co-Creating New Narratives: A Catalyst for Climate Action and Solutions

To accelerate positive behaviour change to forge a sustainable, healthy, and socially just world through the power of storytelling, connecting both local and global communities, and by linking science, health, education, humanities, and the arts at COP and other fora

Climate Art Project

Public Art as Climate Action. Climate Art Project want to talk about the Best Climate Solutions through big scale art installation in the public space, workshop, talks, involving the local communities and using new media.

Climate Action in Pakistan

An initiative taken by young Pakistani students aimed at disseminating the knowledge and awareness about the climate action agenda

Climate Justice Award 2022

It was a Media based initiative, first of it kind in Cameroon, to promote merit and excellence amongst individuals, organizations and institutions who have selflessly been contributing to protect nature and conserve biodiversity year in year out

The Green Roots Project

Inspiring both big & small green sustainable actions as means of celebrating St Patrick's day, to reconnect people to mother earth, nature & their green roots

Linte Na Farraige (Lines of the Sea)

Línte na Farraige engages the public visibly and tangibly with the risks associated with future sea level rise and storm surges, through a series of renewably powered light installations placed across Irish coastal locations and heritage sites in 2022 and 2023

Climate on Board

Using public transportation to increase public awareness on climate change

By 2100

The passing of time describes the climate that changes second by second. The changing climate is the result of the time choices made previously

The Tantrum That Saved The World

“The Tantrum That Saved The World” is a carbon-neutral children’s book designed to entertain, educate, and empower children to learn about the climate crisis, and turn their frustration and fear about this issue into positive action.

The Voice and Actions of the Luis Cruz Martinez Educational Community against climate change

A comprehensive communication campaign on the commitment to trigger climate action of the educational community of Luis Cruz Martínez

Climate Capsule

An experimental, mobile, and modular installation designed as an intense experience that provides visitors with a layered perspective on climate change through scientific facts, art interventions, and multimedia content

Arte e Scienza

Art is a powerful medium for disseminating scientific knowledge and making people think about its role. Transforming technical and specialized knowledge into an emotion that can be felt by anyone and, thus, helping them to make informed choices to act sustainably

United Mountains of Europe

Four mountaineer-women head out on an adventure across the continent to gather the voices of the European people in a Declaration of the Rights of the Mountains, which calls for respect, responsibility and sustainability

Climate Smart Philippines: Science for Service

Bringing people together not only to be trained to be resilient, but to be part of the community that will inspire others and serve humanity wholeheartedly

Milano, Cartoline da un Futuro Possibile

The project aimed at re-creating a sense of place and community in two marginalized neighborhoods of Milano and to share good practices related to climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as social cohesion and resilience

My sustainable footprint

The first free carbon footprint gauge for inhabitants of the City of Buenos Aires

Progetto Scuola

Teaching the new generation in order to shape a better future

Around the world in 80 experiments

A book, "Il giro del mondo in 80 esperimenti", to send new citizens around the world, with awareness


A fate built on water. The most precious resource, turned into a terrible threat by human indifference

From trash to treasure: the Nigerians recycling waste into wealth

Photography that portrays how waste is being used to transform the environment

Some like it hot: science, jazz, and visual language for an effective climate change communication

Mixing scientific animations, striking visuals, jazz music, and technical and philosophical arguments to communicate the urgency of the climate change problem in an effective, rigorous and exciting fashion

“Puck You !” Science Theatre – Connecting Shakespeare and the Climate Crisis

An extremely adaptive, interactive format connecting scientists & artists with a broad public thus enabling participants to tackle the climate crisis intellectually and emotionally at the same time

A Fragile Atmosphere; Climate Activism Through Art and Lived-in Experiences

Artist and Climate-Activist Ally Zlatar brings her art and voice to individuals, leaders, and key organizations directly to help them engage more deeply and personally with these subjects. She has led art-based interventions including exhibitions, public billboard campaigns, workshops, policy reform and publications through her art activism

Reading “climate futures” with the ECOtarot deck

A complete tarot deck (all original artwork) with interpretations based upon climate science in order to engage teh public in dialogue about human driven climate disruption

The canals are clear thanks to the Coronavirus, but Venice’s existential threat is climate change

Can Venice, a symbol of the pandemic and climate crisis, be a model of rebirth?


Art and science against the climate and ecological crisis

Side by side: Pact X Juventus

In this video, together with the team of Juventus we aim to raise awareness of sports fans and especially young people on the importance of our actions to fight climate change

Climate Change Adaptation in Ukraine

A documentary about Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change

Nine Earths

An immersive environmental documentary that explores the relationship between everyday events & humanity’s excessive demand for the Earth’s resources. It features a mosaic of day-to-day life, interviews & film footage shot by collaborators in 12 countries