Climate Change Primer

Climate Change Primer

How to communicate climate change so you can inspire action

Nairobi | 23 March 2021 – ongoing

How to communicate climate change so you can inspire action! Climate action begins with learning about climate change.

The project was a series of classes on climate change. The idea behind the series is that anyone can communicate climate change. It’s not only for the scientists, activists, or government officials. With the understanding of climate change, anyone is able to make changes in their lives and even furthermore, share the same knowledge with others.

The climate change primer was a virtual class, done live but also recorded for YouTube to reach a bigger audience. That way it’s easier to access but also free. It was also part of the scientist action held in March by the Scientist Rebellion.

The first class is on climate change and the science. The second was about climate justice, introducing the global North and the South. The third was about climate risks, the global and local context to make climate change relatable to people in their environment. Finally, the fourth class, was on climate action. Knowledge of climate change should also come with action points that people can take up. Which informs adaptation and resilience to climate change.

When people understand climate change and the climate risks they face, behavioural changes are triggered as they deal/cope with the risks they are exposed to. Without the awareness, many are having to deal with droughts and floods as though they were isolated events. Not able to understand that the issue is not to do with the day-to-day weather, but to with the larger climate systems; and therefore, whereas droughts and floods are complete opposites of each other, they are symptoms of the same thing.

Communicating this to people whose world view is limited to their surroundings and the people they’ve known their whole lives (who also live around them), is a challenge.

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