The Award

Climate change is considered to be one of the most prominent challenges of our times. A pervasive topic that actively involves countless actors around the world, conditioning every sector of society.

The scientific community is providing increasingly detailed and shared knowledge on the causes of climate change, the options to limit its impacts, and the solutions to build climate-resilient communities. Decision makers, both from the public and the private spheres, are strongly engaged as climate change is a cross-cutting challenge that can no longer be ignored. Civil society is putting pressure on leaders to transform knowledge into action. The media are discussing which languages and solutions are best suited to describe the complexity of climate change, which has finally broken into the foreground of the news cycle.

In this context, the CMCC Climate Change Communication Award “Rebecca Ballestra” focuses on innovative projects and initiatives that deliver engaging messages and communicate climate change in education, advocacy, media production and social engagement activities.

The Award aims to showcase and promote the most creative and impactful initiatives that:

  • increase public awareness on climate change and its interactions with society, the economy, the environment, and policy-making processes;
  • disseminate science-based information and data related to climate change through the application of innovative ideas, technologies and methodologies in the field of media, journalism, and communication at large;
  • communicate the threats and opportunities posed by the climate change challenge using multiple languages and innovative mediums, including journalism, art, videos and music;
  • trigger action in the audiences addressed, including students, consumers, businesses and politicians.

The Award honours the memory of the artist Rebecca Ballestra, who was committed to shaping a sustainable future and promoting positive transformation processes in the fields of science, humanities, economy, ecology and art and collaborated with the CMCC Foundation in various cultural initiatives.

The 2021 edition of the Award is closed. The winner of the Award has been announced on September 30, 2021 at the event “Voices of the transition. Climate change communication for a sustainable future”. 

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