Ok!Clima – Il clima si tocca con mano

Ok!Clima – Il clima si tocca con mano

A good dialogue is the starting point to trigger effective collective action on climate change

Milan | Started on 01/10/2021 – Concluded on 31/08/2023

Ok!Clima – Il clima si tocca con mano (Ok!Clima – Climate at hand) is a two-year project co-financed in 2021 by Fondazione Cariplo, led by the University of Milan, the University of Pavia and Italian Climate Network, supported by Zadig/Scienza in rete and Climate Media Center Italia. The project involves the delivering of on-line courses aimed at three categories of audiences: journalists, secondary schools teachers and researchers. The project includes also the assessment of the effectiveness of the courses and the evaluation impacts before and after the delivering. The main topics covered climate change mitigation and adaptation, land impacts including mountains and urban centers, health effects, science communication basics and risk communication with also sociological and psychological focuses. Courses are divided into two parts and have partially differentiated modules depending on the target. The journalists’ courses are accredited by Ordine dei giornalisti; the health workers’ courses (a subgroup of researchers) are accredited ECM by Zadig’s Saepe formation platform.

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