Carbon Bombs

Carbon Bombs

Mapping the world’s largest fossil fuel extraction projects (1+ Gigatonnes of potential CO2 emissions) under a new framing, and develop strategies with the climate movement to ‘defuse’ them

Berlin | Started on 01/05/2022

Carbon Bombs are fossil fuel projects with a lifetime emission potential greater than 1 Gigaton of CO2. While climate science and global targets prescribe a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels for this decade, some irresponsible actors in industry, government and finance continue to plan huge new fossil fuel extraction projects. Stopping (or ‘defusing’) them is of the highest importance in addressing the climate emergency. LINGO analysis has identified 425 Carbon Bombs globally, which alone would tip us over the 1.5°C and 2°C thresholds. Existing Carbon Bombs are responsible for almost half of global oil and gas extraction and one quarter of global coal extraction. Interestingly, 40% of these projects are new projects, where extraction has not yet begun.

LINGO follows a 3 step process to defuse Carbon Bombs: 1 – identify (done), 2 – analyse, 3 – defuse. In parallel to this process, our goal is to spread the framing to galvanise the wider climate movement to take action against Carbon Bombs. Like with any framing, the success of this initiative is greatly amplified by media attention. This is why we have been collaborating with The Guardian on an article series, including 2 front-page stories. We have found an excited reception amongst campaigners, and are receiving a number of collaboration requests from allies working on, or planning to work on defusing Carbon Bombs.

We are now looking to further amplify our message through additional media channels, raise awareness on Carbon Bombs, and inspire actors all over the world to get involved in defusing Carbon Bombs in their local environments.

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