School Project

School Project

Knowledge to empower youth for climate

Italy | 1 September 2013 – ongoing

Since 2011, Italian Climate Network (ICN) has developed the School Project, which is addressed to secondary schools with pupils aged 11-19. The project sees ICN trainers going to secondary schools to teach on the causes, the context, the consequences and the solutions regarding climate change. The content of the lectures is reviewed by the Scientific Committee, formed by known scientists (such as meteorologists and climatologists) in order to ensure the quality of the information shared with the teachers. The aim is to ensure the understanding of the topic, while giving the context in which it is placed, i.e. by highlighting the close links between climate and sustainable development and energy, economy, international relations, human rights, health, and migration.The school classes usually follow the basic course and then decide on specific topics with dedicated lectures, such as Climate Change and Human Rights, Climate Change and Health, Climate negotiations, Climate and food, Climate and waste ad Climate and Energy. During the years ICN has also developed partnership, e.g. with Behind Energy and the Joint Research Center, for special lectures or activities. Between 2013 and 2019 the School Project has reached more than 40 schools in 33 cities, 11 regions, therefore involving more than 6.000 students.

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