Viagem pelo Clima (Climate Journey)

Viagem pelo Clima (Climate Journey)

A competition towards carbon neutrality

Lisbon | Started on 15/03/2023 – Concluded on 45275

Viagem pelo clima is a Competition towards Carbon Neutrality that involves 3 teams (each team is made up of 4 elements over the age of 18), from 3 Portuguese regions and 7 Municipalities. The 3 teams will compete against each other with the aim of touring the country in the most sustainable way possible. During the trip, each team will have a budget in “Climas” to manage. Clima is a fictitious currency that monitors 4 vectors through an app: CO2, water consumption, time and money. Each decision by the teams has a cost in Climas. During the trip (10 days) several choices will have to be made: such as means of transport used, food, water consumption.They can also win climas by taking up challenges related to the impact on communities in each municipality, according to their needs: mobility, energy, water, circular economy, etc. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that the decarbonization path towards carbon neutrality is possible, necessary and inevitable and that we all have a role to play through collective and individual climate action and our message is “Our daily choices have the power to influence the course of the planet”.

We have 4 project goals:

1.Mobilize Portuguese society for the urgent climate transition, through an invitation to direct participation in an appealing and challenging way 2. Contribute to the mobilization of Portuguese Municipalities on the path of decarbonization 3. Demonstrate the influence of individual lifestyles on their carbon and water footprints, analyzing the impact of everyday choices and behaviors 4. Demonstrate the viability of different modes of transport (as an alternative to fossil fuels), food choices and water consumption.

The winning team will be the one that reaches the end with the most sustainable route, that is, the one that spends less “climas”. As a prize, they will have the opportunity to participate in the COP 28 in Dubai.

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