Climate fiction for children

Climate fiction for children

Climate fiction that educates and gives hope to children and young people

Denmark | 25 August 2020 – ongoing

We are a small publishing company based in Denmark. One of our main focus areas is publishing climate fiction for children. The books, called “Klodebøger” include scenarios that also show what (future solutions) might look like. E.g. if a country experiences drought, they can desalinate sea water and use for both drinking and irrigating. A series of “Planet books” also includes information on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They can be found in the story itself and at the end of the book, there is a fact based section. In the first “Klodebøger” the theme is drought and the story is set in Bolivia by lake Popoo. The lake is dried out and the main character, Ayla, lives in a rusty ship. The story is a trilogy and each book contains two Sustainable Development Goals. In total six Sustainable Development Goals are described: Goal 2 – Zero hunger, Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation, Goal 8 – Decent work and economic growth, Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production, Goal 15 – Life on land, and Goal 16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions. We are currently producing the next three books and their focus will be on the growing megacities. The story is set in Lagos and the reader learns about the different aspects of a sustainable city by following a boy on a dangerous mission through town. The first book have received praise from many different types of reviewers and recommended for use in schools as well for parents, grandparents etc. We have also received a large donation from a foundation in Denmark to buy the books for the entire commune of Kolding.

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