Green Earth Initiative Cameroon

Green Earth Initiative Cameroon

An initiative that uses environmental education and awareness to equip and empower students and young people across Cameroon to be drivers of climate action in their schools, homes and communities

Yaoundé | Started on 01/09/2021

Green Earth Initiative is a project of the International Student Environmental Coalition Cameroon. We started the project to educate and empower students in schools about climate change, sustainable development and the SDGs, the environmental challenges they face around them and how we can all be actively involved in driving climate action, fostering environmental protection and conservation. Through Eco-clubs and Environment Clubs set up in these schools, students can continuously learn and engage in environmental issues, take action and transform their communities. We started Green Earth Initiative in Yaounde Cameroon in 2021, so far, we have involved seven schools in the city, reaching out to about 8000 students, setting up five Environment clubs and planting over 700 trees in Yaounde.

We later extended the Initiative to Douala Cameroon in 2022 in which 5 schools have been reached, 4500 students engaged, three Eco clubs set up and 150 trees planted as a local climate change mitigation effort. We also teach these schools about proper waste management including household composting and biogas production. 200 Adapted waste bins have been offered to schools so far for proper waste sorting and collection. We have now made our Green Earth Initiative a national project aimed at reaching out to students and young people in all the ten regions of Cameroon in which we hope to reach about 50000 young people across the country in the next 10 years, planting 15000 trees and making our Environment clubs a model for the whole country for Environmental and Climate Education.

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