Red Line – Knitting Radicals

Red Line – Knitting Radicals

We are a craftivist group and we use knitting as a methodology to bring awareness and mobilize people to climate activism

Lisbon | Started on 16/11/2016

A well connected activist group that facilitates the interaction between “activist issues” and the general population, bridging the gap between ordinary citizens and organisations working on different issues. Red Line teaches people how to knit and talking, at the same time, about fossil fuels and the climate crisis. Starting in March 2023 they held informal gatherings to knit in public spaces where we knitting in different colours. Each different colour is intended to symbolise an issue that linked to the climate crisis, such as: anti-racism; housing; fashion; public transport; health/mental health; food; migration; feminism; poverty/inequality. We also knit in climate marches and protests organized by partner organizations.

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