QUEST Podcast: Climate Change

QUEST Podcast: Climate Change

A podcast episode offering a lively and thoughtful discussion between a leading climate scientist and an influential journalist on how to frame communication about transition towards a global green economy

Global | 21 April 2021 – ongoing

Effective collaboration between scientists and the media is critical in shaping the public’s understanding and ability to act on climate change. The QUEST podcast on climate change discusses the main challenges, and possible solutions, that arise when scientists and journalists work together, thus providing interesting hints for both these stakeholders and the general public to know more about climate change and its communication. This episode looks at the challenges that scientists and journalists face when communicating about climate change, with the goal of improving the overall understanding of the topic by the general public and hence enhance its trust in science. Rather than just feeding the public with negative stories, how can journalists, scientists and other scicom professionals educate and inform their audience? Dr. Jana Sillmann, Research Director of the CICERO Center for International Climate Research, Norway and Philippa Nuttall Jones, Editor-in-chief of Energy Monitor are interviewed by Barbara Schofield, host from CITY, University of London and QUEST Project. The discussion focuses in particular on how industry can transition from exploiting fossil fuels to becoming part of the global green energy solution. This podcast episode is part of a 6-part podcast series developed by QUEST in 2021 both for SciCom professionals and the general public to hear directly from peers/professionals about their experiences in science communication. The focus throughout the Podcast series was on female contributors, as evidence shows women in science are relatively underexposed and under-represented in the media. Episodes aired between March 2021 and early June 2021 – with the climate change episode released on the 21st April 2021. The Podcast series is included in the QUEST Toolkits which are open source, ready-to-use tools for enhancing quality and effectiveness of science communication and consequently the engagement of citizens with science (

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