Using the means of social media combined with scientific knowledge to raise awareness about climate change and about the work of the scientists, creating a sense of “we-are-in-this-together” with the audience

Europe | 10 July 2017 – ongoing

The aim of #ICOScapes is to raise awareness about the greenhouse gas measurement, and about the work scientists are doing to provide accurate knowledge on the climate change and its consequences. The campaign has several target audiences, each targeted with different means. The audiences ranged from school children to policy makers, reached with using different platforms. Method: ICOS worked together with nature photographer Konsta Punkka (@kpunkka), who has over 1.2 million followers in Instagram. The campaign consists of hundreds of beautiful photographs and dozens of videos that have been used for a variety of ways to garner attention for climate change. The channels used for the campaign used have varied over the years: Instagram and twitter are used for the still images, utilising the million-follower audience of the photographer, and other social media aspects to gain as large an audience as possible. Youtube was used for the videos being produced on-site at the measurement stations. The videos included besides landscapes and views, also personal interviews of the scientists.

A physical exhibition was produced to cater for the gallery-going audience: Among hundreds of photos, 24 pictures – sized 70x100cm – from 12 ICOS member countries were selected to the travelling exhibition. Additionally, the exhibition consisted scientific equipment, texts describing the nature and the conditions at the location, and how climate change is affecting it. In many places, ICOS scientists visited to interact with audience. The exhibition has visited e.g. Czech Republic, Japan, France, Germany and Finland. When the pandemic hit the word, the exhibition was turned to a virtual one, which is still open.

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