Constructive journalism may help people coping with climate change

Global | 5 June 2019 – ongoing

ADAPTATION ( is a multimedia journalistic project, focused on the coexistence of humans with climate change. The core product is a web documentary, launched with the support of several institutions and other entities. The aim is to portray how humanity is adapting to the already existing effects of global warming from a social and a technological perspective, such as the melting of glaciers to devastating periods of droughts and floods to desertification. ADAPTATION additionally focuses on creating a narrative of “constructive journalism”, infusing trust in the society and the willingness to operate towards a stable coexistence with climate change. This is not meant to decrease the fight against CO2, which remains crucial, but to accept that the world has already irreversibly changed. The project is managed by scientific journalist Marco Merola, a freelance journalist who has been investigating climate change for years, collaborating with many national and international media such as, for example, National Geographic, Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica and many others. The first chapter of this web documentary, about Holland, was launched in June 2019 at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, in Milan and it won the “AICA environmental communication award”. The second chapter about Italy (2020) focused on Emilia-Romagna, it was launched in 2020 and reached a massive media coverage after its press release. In June 2021 Adaptation launched a series of podcast ( 8 episodes) on Audible, called ” ADAPTATION ITALIA”. The next chapter of the web documentary will be about Trentino Alto Adige and it will be launched by the next few months.

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