Group Global 3000 e.V.

Group Global 3000 e.V.

Exhibiting art for sustainability and climate protection since 2013

Berlin, Germany | 1 September 2012 – ongoing

We work as a group Global Global 3000 since 2012 for art and sustainability.

In our artistic discourse we focus on ecological topics combined with social and / or economic issues. Our works are part of a new art language that is inherent in sustainability. GG3 thus promotes sustainability as a socially relevant and world-changing process. Art is required in its mediating role when it comes to making the invisible visible.

We operate the nonprofit gallery “Group Global 3000” in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It is located where the former German Wall ran. On the road and the site the traces are still visible.

In community with international artists we interact with the media: Object art, installation, drawing, photography, video, land art, painting and others. work, we show exhibitions and actions. Our events are free of charge. As a rule, we publish the exhibition topics in public and judge the entries submitted. When selecting applicants and their works, we pay close attention to the subject of the advertised topic. We communicate in English and German.

Our topic includes a variety of sustainability, as we do not know and can not determine the future. We support the “Sustainable Development Goals“. Sustainability is defined in german so that future generations should have the same opportunities for a fulfilling life as we do. At the same time, the opportunities for all people on earth must be distributed more fairly. Sustainable development combines economic progress with social justice and the protection of the natural environment. With art, we want to give impulses to the public and make our contribution. We offer a cultural space of thought for the big and small political processes of sustainability and non-sustainability. We do not raise the moral finger, we seek the encounter, the touch and the discourse.

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