360 Video Tours of Carbon Offsetting Projects

360 Video Tours of Carbon Offsetting Projects

Fully-immersive virtual tours of carbon reduction and removal projects in Kenya, Guatemala, and Bangladesh to demonstrate the positive environmental and community impacts delivered by carbon finance in 360-degree video that is compatible with virtual reality (VR) headsets

London | Started on 25/08/2022 – Concluded on 45138

There are amazing projects happening today in the global south that are leading the way in global climate action but those of us in Europe rarely get the chance to visit these remote locations to hear their stories and see their impact. Using a Insta360 Pro 8K camera and a Mavic Air 2.0 for aerial 360 shots, we created this set of videos to bring viewers along for a tour of several incredible projects in remote locations across East Africa, Central America, and South Asia. We believe this is the first time a 360-degree video camera of this quality has been used to tell these types of climate action stories in rural villages, tropical rainforests, and informal housing settlements.

Our project partners in Kenya, Guatemala, and Bangladesh are very proud of the work they do in their own communities with the support of carbon financing through the sale of verified emission reductions or removals. Many people have heard of carbon offsets but very few have had the opportunity to visit a carbon offsetting project to see the real social and environmental impacts on the ground. The debate around carbon offsetting often focuses too little on the positive impact that carbon projects are bringing to communities such as clean water, reforestation, rooftop solar, and efficient cooking stoves. The goal for this project was to tell these stories using the latest tools in digital storytelling, 360-degree video, to immerse viewers and attract new audiences through the publicly available videos YouTube.

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