Content management of the website about adaptation to climate change

Content management of the website about adaptation to climate change

Interactive information exchange and education on climate change adaptation to raise awareness and involve all stakeholders in planning and implementing adaptation at the local level

Republic of Croatia | 28 October 2020 – 28 October 2021

In recent years the amount of knowledge about the impact of climate change and adaptation has significantly increased and improved. Hence, the availability and method of presentation depends on the extent to which this knowledge will be used in planning and in climate change adaptation actions. Therefore, Ministry of economy and sustainable development with the help of Society od Sustainable Development Design wants to solve this challenge by presenting information, data and knowledge in a way that is relevant, credible, accessible and easy to understand for a wide range of stakeholders through the website

The website wants to communicate the climate change challenges in Croatia and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in the Republic of Croatia for the period to 2040 with a view to 2070, that was adopted in 2020. Due to the continuous design and development of new content related to adaptation to climate change and their publication on, the website became a central place for information and education about climate change adaptation in Croatia, that is very complex and permeates all areas and levels of society. Therefore, the website involves and cooperates with a wide range of stakeholders from all areas and at all levels – national, regional and local, and experts and scientists of various profiles and other stakeholders like private and civil sector to enable the successful implementation of climate change adaptation activities in the long run.

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