The #MyEUClimatePact challenge

The #MyEUClimatePact challenge

Influencer campaign to encourage young people to live a more sustainable lifestyle

Brussels | Started on 10/01/2021 – Concluded on 05/01/2023

The #MyEUClimatePact challenge is a social media campaign designed for the general public (aged 16-24) to showcase what a climate and environmentally-friendly lifestyle is, and then to encourage them to get on board and start making changes to how they live.

The campaign was launched by the European Commission’s EU Climate Pact in collaboration with popular social media influencers from 13 EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain). The influencers were challenged to take up a ‘sustainable habit’ for one week based on the following issues: sustainable consumption, sustainable food, and sustainable travel. Some challenge examples include going vegan for one week, making and restyling their own clothes rather than buying new, fast fashion items, or traveling in a more sustainable manner.

The influencers were chosen on the basis that they had pre-existing audiences of the “non-converted,” ranging from 10k to almost 280k followers, and the countries were chosen based on the results of the 2021 Eurobarometer on climate change, plus ensuring a balance between size and geographic location.

The challenge was only held on Instagram, and the influencers were contracted to post 3 x sets of Instagram stories and a final “Reel” – a short snappy video, often with music – that included footage of their challenge experience. They posted their content encouraging their followers to join in and to use the hashtag #MyEUClimatePact challenge. They also posted the URL to the campaign website where interested individuals could explore for more information and see which other influencers were joining. All content produced by the influencer was in the national language of their country.

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