Green Patrol in Action

Green Patrol in Action

Corruption, sustainable development and environmental protection, information and support to Civil Society Organizations

Serbia and the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, …) | 1 July 2010 – ongoing

Green Initiative of Vojvodina was founded in Novi Sad, in 2002. Mission of the organization is promotion of anti-corruption in a field of sustainable development, environment and life quality, through informing, education and action. The most important project is documentary TV series “Green Patrol in Action”, which has been shooting since 2010. Premiere broadcasting was on B92 Info TV station. One hundred half-hour TV shows were recorded until now. Currently, TV serial is broadcasted on one hundred local, regional and international TV stations. TV serial was rewarded by significant media rewards in a field of investigative journalism, documentary film and footage. “Green Patrol in Action” has been broadcasted on a national frequency TV station RTV Vojvodina since January 2020. Documentary TV serial will be created on a basis of local Civil Society Organizations’s reporting on corruption in a field of sustainable development, environmental protection and life quality. Approach of journalists is the combination of reality approach, endangered citizens’ statements, statements of decision makers, inspectors and experts. Documents and information are gathered on a basis of the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance. Based on the experience so far, we have concluded that the problem in the field of environmental protection is most often the result of corruption of local decision makers and inspections sent by investors. We help local associations to expose the corruption and to make the problem visible in the media and the public, in order to put pressure on decision makers to solve the problem faster and with better quality. Local associations do not have access to local and national media, and are under pressure from local decision-makers and investors, as investors whose business is harmful to the environment most often fund local media and corrupt local decision-makers.

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