The Climate is Changing my Life Project

The Climate is Changing my Life Project

Climate change communication, the community is involved

Ghana West Africa | 8 January 2021 – ongoing

Ghana is already experiencing climate change. There is already evidence of the important of climate change on the national economy. Climate Change is already affecting national economic output and, therefore Ghana’s long term development prospects. The nation is particularly vulnerable to climate change and variably due to our over reliance on sector that are sensitive to Climate change such as forestry, agriculture and energy production. More than 80% of the disaster in Ghana is considered to be climate related. Failed crops as a result of heat and drought, stress on the land, floods in Ghana, Drought in the North and the Volta river water at low level to generate Electricity and this has affected national productivity. The Communication on Climate Change is expected to reach million Ghanaians directly and indirectly through audio visuals education through the news media and outreach educational programs on best practices climate change with regards to Resilient and Mitigation practices in waste management. The project is proposing a communication project strategy in combination of producing Advocacy educational materials in the form of print materials (Booklets) and audio visuals (DVD Videos), that will facilitate the education of the public on the need prepare for the climate change effects. An Art competition will be conducted among young people and Outreach lean and share on Climate change awareness and it effect of the environment and on the people will be conducted.

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