Creating climate change urgency and agency in Namibia

Creating climate change urgency and agency in Namibia

Creating urgency and agency on climate action for Namibia

Namibia | 1 August 2019 – 31 December 2021

This project builds onto the research results from the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arids Regions (ASSAR) ( project. According to ASSAR’s 1.5 degrees analysis for Namibia, if global emissions exceed the 1.5°C threshold these small increments in temperature will lead to distinct climatic conditions which will worsen existing vulnerabilities. Many communities in Namibia do not have the capacity to adapt to the impact of the projected 1.5 °C increase and thus there is an urgent need for Namibia to adopt extensive adaptive and transformative responses.

For Namibia, local warming and drying will be greater than the global average. So, even a 1.5°C increase in global temperature will have severe local impacts, negatively affecting water supply, agriculture, health, and other vulnerable sectors. The 1.5°C threshold could be breached within the next decade, and the 2°C threshold the decade after. Urgent adaptation responses across all the spheres of governance is urgently required to enable coherent and strategic responses across scales, through horizontal and vertical integration of key actors.

The overall objective is to create urgency and agency on climate action through collective action in semi-arid Namibia, which will be achieved through the vertical and horizontal integration of key actors from the national, regional and local levels. Specifically the project aims to raise awareness and understanding of Namibia specific climate change projections, implications and international commitments made by Namibia.

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