World Ocean Radio

World Ocean Radio

World Ocean Radio is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays on a wide range of ocean and climate issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects.

North America | 05/05/2008 –

World Ocean Radio is a weekly podcast offering 5-minute episodes relevant to ocean and climate issues. Topics include science, education, conservation strategies, advocacy, emerging technology, and exemplary global projects and innovations. All episodes engage listeners and invite them to get informed about local and global issues. We share the knowledge that we are all connected by the issues facing us today and we believe we can be galvanized by the possibility of the solutions yet to discover. World Ocean Radio broadcasts meaningful, relevant, science-based information for us all about the state of the world ocean and global climate. Our perspective is to offer first-person essays that report on the issues we’re most concerned with today: ocean acidification, overfishing, a changing Arctic, fossil fuels and hydro-fracking, climate change and the threats of extinction, ocean and climate policy, governance, cultural tales that inspire, innovative and emerging technologies, plastic pollution, threats to the coastal zone, warming seas and subsequent species migration, and so much more. The common threads in each radio broadcast are that they offer relevant information about the state of the planet, and about how we can become more involved and take action.

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