By 2100

By 2100

The passing of time describes the climate that changes second by second. The changing climate is the result of the time choices made previously

Global | 18 June 2021 – ongoing

The 12 drawings (one for each hour of the clock) present inside the clock represent the 12 ESG topics of the present and future. Within each topic there are the necessary tools to fight and win the great challenge against climate change and achieve sustainable development for present and future generations (BY 2100). The goal is to raise awareness and train people on the 12 current and future ESG topics that will help mankind to better face the climate challenge. Specifically, the goal is to allow people to create their own logical sequence (by moving and attaching the magnets) regarding how the 12 ESG designs / topics can be chained together. To the other, (from 1 to 12) in order to create a logical, more correct and coherent sequence on how to make the most of these topics and the related “hidden” tools in order to win the climate challenge and contribute to achieving sustainable development by the end of this century (BY 2100).

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