The Color, Green

The Color, Green

A poetry anthology that examines the subtle and adverse effects of climate change on African indigenous communities and the planet

Abuja | Started on 01/11/2022

The Color, Green project addresses much-advocated concerns as well as the emotional, economic, and social damages plaguing small and neglected communities with minimal media attention. It embraces a multi-media format with various expressions including a bi-annual poetry space, poetry albums, anthology collections, and performances. This project puts passion into action, and also a call to the young, the literary society and individuals in strategic positions, no matter the industry or sector, to re-evaluate value systems and drive action in their fields and

The forthcoming collection will encompass a curated selection of 30 poems, slated for publication in both physical and digital mediums. Its proceeds will contribute to developing an eponymous online platform where young minds can write for nature, publish their pieces and inspire like poetry in Africa and around the world, to amplify the impact of poetic expression, transcending geographical boundaries and igniting inspiration in Africa and beyond. These compilations transpire through collaborations with poets and artists representing diverse backgrounds, thereby encompassing a truly inclusive and enriching endeavor.

This project intends to take on a life of its own. The pieces from the anthology will be performed on several platforms including but not limited to poetry readings, poetry tours, competitions, advocacy meetings, and relevant conferences. Selected pieces from the collection will also inspire a spoken word album to be published on online streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. This enables the poems from the collection garner increased reach, acceptance, and also ingrains it in popular culture. Promotions and campaign messaging will also contribute to reaching a wider audience.

The Color, Green is a social impact project to raise consciousness of the power of collective action.

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