Climate Talks – radio show about people and climate

Climate Talks – radio show about people and climate

The first regular thematic radio show about people and climate in Croatia, entitled “Cuvarkuca” (meaning: the one who cares about home)

Croatia | 15 April 2021 – 31 December 2021

We have started, in collaboration with radio team of journalists, a thematic bi-weekly show with stories about people and climate. The immediate occasion and context of the show is the conference of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP26 in Glasgow, on the 6th anniversary of the Climate Agreement in Paris; and the EU’s strategic determination towards climate neutrality, which is clearly stated in the European Green Plan. A total of 18 thirty-minute shows will be aired in the period May-December 2021. The shows cover current topics and news relevant to climate action, with guest appearances and comments from experts and partners such as the Scientists for Climate Croatia as well as various expert organizations, civil society organizations and public authorities. The concept of the show is to present in the first part a chosen climate-related specific theme as a challenge, use facts on why it’s a problem, present a range and scale of the impacts; and then to present already existing solutions or developing solutions and innovative actions, especially those driven by the citizens and personal actions. We want to activate people to take action based on good cases and examples around us (Croatia, but not only) and we want people to understand why climate change is a challenge and how everything we do is connected with the changing climate and ecosystems, affecting our everyday lives. Each show reflects or refers to current news in the area of global climate and nature policies or important events (eg. G7 summit, World Environment Day, International Day of Biodiversity, Oceans Day, Single-Use Plastics EU Directive etc.) Cuvarkuca radio show is a joint collaboration lead by NGO Terra Hub and radio, NGO Tatavaka, Scientists for Climate Croatia and with several embassies in Croatia (Sweden, Netherlands, Swiss, UK, France). We work together to present relevant good practices, experiences, views and trends from their countries. The program is supported by Terra Hub partners – EIT Climate-KIC and the European Climate Foundation.

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