Impressions from COP24 Podcast

Impressions from COP24 Podcast

A podcast to allow more people to experience a high-level environmental conference (COP24) closely

Global | 22 April 2021 – ongoing

The podcast called Impressions from COP24 is the audio made by a volunteer group RespON, which focuses on raising awareness about sustainability to individuals as well as organizations. The podcast is created using audio recordings from COP24, conducted by the founder of RespON, Markéta Svobodová, during her participation at the conference. They include observations’ sharing of her and Domenico Vito whom both participated as observers at COP24 via Alliance, an umbrella organization for various NGOs. on which behalf they both participated as observers at COP24). Also, citations and recordings of different speakers as well as cultural parts to share the atmosphere with the listeners are included in the podcast. The podcast aims to make COP24 as well as similar conferences in a broader sense closer to the broader public to be able to “peek under the hood”. On the 22nd of April 2021, it was published on Soundcloud and Spotify and we would like to share it, even more, to get more people to experience such a high-level conference as the Conference of the Parties is.

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