No Place Green Enough

No Place Green Enough

A storytelling podcast that strives to shed light on major global issues of today related to climate, gender, health, environment & development

Global. Online/Spotify/Other Podcast & Social Media Channels | 21 January 2021 – ongoing

No Place Green Enough (NPGE) is an eco-fiction storytelling podcast that blends the art of creative tales with real-life events. Through fictional podcasting, the NPGE project aims to shed light on major global issues related to climate, human rights, health, environment and economic development, and more. This project hopes to spark systemic change and community activation for a balanced economy and sustainable future for all.

Every episode release starts with a call for a global issue; an expert on the topic contributes research material together with statistics, case studies, potential solutions and names of organisations already committed to applying solutions. A creative writer then processes this information, creating potential storylines based on the regions, stakeholders and case studies provided. Writers pitch storyline ideas to the team to chart the most effective, balanced and impactful direction for his/her story. Upon script completion, voice actors with relevant characteristics are scouted, auditioned and assigned lines for recording. Once voice recordings are ready, the audio editing process kicks in by combining the voice actors’ dialogues with relevant sound effects and music to allow the listeners to immerse themselves and relate to the story.

NPGE’s social media channels provide extra information on solutions to the topics addressed and highlight our philosophy on storytelling for science and humanitarian communication. Periodically, workshops are conducted to spread the utility and versatility of storytelling and effective communication in facilitating knowledge and supporting much-needed action in health, gender, implementing sustainable lifestyles, environmental protection and progressive change in humanitarian injustice.

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