Innovations to tackle environmental challenges such as pollution

Nairobi | Started on 1/6/2019 – Concluded on 31/12/2030

My project is based on a blog called ‘Cleannovate’. The focus of this blog is to create awareness about the pollution problems in our environment and how we could innovate solutions to tackle it. Climate change worsens pollution through aspects like acid rain, ocean acidification, increased toxic metals in our water/air etc. So the goal of this blog is to identify areas of concern and give a brief highlight through posts while citing relevant articles. At the end of each post, the intention is to call the reader to action. This could be through practices such as recycling, composting etc. I have also started a newsletter on LinkedIn called The EcoStart Up whose aim is to encourage readers to take advantage of the opportunities created by pollution problems to innovate. Some of the key milestones in this project include: Posts from guest blogger, it has also helped me create a LinkedIn network of nearly 11,000 followers, 4,000 direct subscribers to the Eco StartUp Newsletter on LinkedIn, start up projects I have initiated in urban farming and the circular economy. The main strengths of this project include simplifying environmental and climate change communication for the layman to understand and take action.

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