Urban landscapes and climate change, the contribution of landscape architects to improve the quality of life

This Report is one of a series of reports to the Council of Europe raising awareness of the profession, its holistic approach, its commitment to the European Landscape Convention, and its value to society

Global | 1 December 2020 – ongoing

The report was commissioned by the Council of Europe, European Landscape Convention, as part of an ongoing programme of disseminating the aims and objectives of the Convention. The Council of Europe has stated that ‘it puts sustainable development at the top of its agenda. Its policy is that economic progress must not compromise the key assets of humanity – the quality of the environment and landscapes, human rights and social equity, cultural diversity and democracy.’

The report comments on extreme weather, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, flooding, overheating cities, drought, poor air quality and species depletion; notes studies linking health and wellbeing to the quality of the urban environment, comments on Covid-19; it considers the importance of open space, clean air, access to nature, how cities function and how we function in cities. Presents a number of case studies dealing with nature-based solutions, blue/green corridors, water management, flood protection, housing, green roofs, and the importance of re-imagining cities on a grand scale.

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