A Fragile Atmosphere; Climate Activism Through Art and Lived-in Experiences

A Fragile Atmosphere; Climate Activism Through Art and Lived-in Experiences

Artist and Climate-Activist Ally Zlatar brings her art and voice to individuals, leaders, and key organizations directly to help them engage more deeply and personally with these subjects. She has led art-based interventions including exhibitions, public billboard campaigns, workshops, policy reform and publications through her art activism

Glasgow | Started on 1/1/2020

Ally Zlatar is a dynamic artist and climate activist who uses her artistic voice to shed light on the profound and personal impact of the global climate crisis on people. Her journey to becoming a climate activist began with her own struggles with chronic illness, which led her to become aware of the harm caused by the pharmaceutical industry. Driven by a deep sense of urgency and a desire to make a difference, Ally channelled her experiences into a powerful art series that highlights the environmental impact of the pharmaceutical industry and led a public art activism campaign to bring this issue to the forefront of public consciousness.

Her creative voice and unique perspective have opened up important dialogues with leading pharmaceutical companies, which has allowed her to make tangible contributions to finding sustainable solutions to these issues. In addition to her work in the pharmaceutical industry, Ally has used her art to address plastic waste, water treatment, and sustainable waste management, through various exhibitions, leading 20+ school workshops and has been recognized for her contributions to the fight against climate change.

Ally has also been a sought-after speaker on the topic of art and climate activism, and has been featured at events such as her TEDX talk on Climate and Art Activism, International Youth Mental Health Conference in Copenhagen, The Smithosian’s Recovering Voices Program and the University of Huddersfield Climate Action & Visual Culture conference. She has been recognized for her contributions to society with awards such as The King Hamad Award for Youth Empowerment of SDGs, The Princess Diana Legacy Award, and the British Citizen’s Award, and featured on Net Zero 50 List and was a finalist for Young Environmentalist of the Year by CIWEM. Through Ally Zlatar’s art, activism, and tireless efforts, she continues to ignite global change by putting people and their stories at the forefront of our sustainability initiatives.

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