Keepers of the earth, yes we are

Keepers of the earth, yes we are

An environment educative song with full african percussion for driving global behavioral change for climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss

Lagos | Started on 05/06/2020

A song of awakening global consciousness, on the need to protect environment and value nature’s gifts; on Land, in the air and in water. Keepers of the earth communicates the urgent need for all to take deliberate actions in valuing nature, taking action for pollution and climate change.

The song tells the story of how critical activities of mankind is negatively impacting the human surrounding; damaging ecosystems and destroying wide life. It also shows simple but important data on the nature of the devastating impact of anthropological activities as well as possible solutions. The song is engaging and informative; it can be enjoyed by majority of people especially children and young persons who get easily bored by complex academic writings on environment.

Composed by Adamolekun jumoke, adamokekun yinka produced it; both from Centuple resource centre; while research was done by Aderibigbe Abiodun of Sustainable environment Food and Agriculture initiative, Lagos, Nigeria.Keepers of the earth currently have 68k views on Youtube and stream on Facebook, Whatapps and broadcast on local radio stations in Nigeria.

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