The Climate We Want

The Climate We Want

Precise and conscious information about climate change

Global | 22 April 2021 – 12 November 2021

2021 is the year of climate. The ongoing climate change emergency is being obscured in national and international media by CoVid-19 pandemic. However, global warming remains one of the most significant emergencies on planet Earth, especially for those who live here. Il Bo Live series “The Climate We Want” offers a 360-degree perspective by reporting on the main problems concerning climate change. The series begins with a vocabulary list that defines terminologies used in climate change, offering a clear understanding of terms for all readers, not just experts. Passing through subjects related to historic in-depth studies covered in the Paris Agreement to the growing amount of daunting scientific evidence, our audience learns that the need to tackle such issues is not only the responsibility of those who govern but awareness has to be raised in the entire community. Lastly, we discuss issues affecting the impact on climate change of transitioning green initiatives: which steps can we take to pollute less and with what technologies?

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