Climate Change Writers Advocacy

Climate Change Writers Advocacy

One article at a time, as advocates, we are projecting the change we want to see in the environment

Abuja | Started on 14/08/2022

Climate Change Writers is an advocacy for change in individual’s attitude as well as restraint in use and disuse of natural resource that approaches our advocacy through writing. The belief is that the more we speak up on the effect and impact of climate change globally, the more we will have the leverage of influencing the narrative.

The main objectives of the project are to: * Advocate for change in attitude as well as restraint in use and disuse of natural resources. * Inspire people to speak up through writing. * Advocate at a global scale using the background of the internet. * Elevate those who care to speak up. * Take action in localities across the world.

Climate change writers is a growing and extensive pool of writers from countries across the world that includes 2089 writers (and counting) from 106 countries (and counting).

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