Boots on the Ground Podcast

Boots on the Ground Podcast

An interview style podcast whose aim is to amplify voices for conservation one conversation at a time

Narok | Started on 01/10/2020

Boots on the ground podcast main aim is to amplify voices for conservation one conversation at a time. With climate change affecting millions of livelihoods in Africa and threatening its natural heritage, this is indeed the time to spread the much needed awareness on why we need to conserve and fight for the rights of nature. We cannot sit and watch our future and that of our children and their children wash away. Everyone has a role to play. Our own little thing is sharing stories of hope and positive change. Initially, the project started as travel podcast in the middle of the pandemic, to essentially rally more local Kenyans into travelling local and supporting local businesses since International borders were shut. A few episodes in, we realised that the majority of the people interviewed, did not just travel for luxury and fun, most of them were coming to Africa with a mission to change lives and others it was to do conservation. And so, this platform reflect all these stories and was rebranded from ‘Travel Local Podcast’ to ‘Boots on the Ground’.

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