The Philippines in Transition

The Philippines in Transition

Climate Tracker produced a video series and stories to drive conversations about just transition, addressing challenges and opportunities for a fair and inclusive shift to a green economy in the Philippines

Manila | Started on 20/01/2022 – Concluded on 20/11/2022

Climate change’s impacts necessitate urgent action, with just transitions in energy, transport, manufacturing, and cities at the core. Just transition involves greening the economy inclusively, creating fair work opportunities, addressing the effects of fossil fuel phase-out on workers, human rights issues in renewable value chains, and improving access to transformative energy. Despite being vulnerable to climate change, the Philippines has taken significant climate action. The Green Jobs Act incentivizes the creation of a green economy, while a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030 covers various sectors. The government prioritizes renewable energy, but also supports fossil gas and nuclear, potentially impeding a genuine clean energy transition. Recognizing limited understanding of just transition in the Philippines, Climate Tracker collaborated with journalists to produce a video series and stories. These explored challenges and opportunities, including employment issues for young professionals in green jobs and shifts in non-energy sectors like transport and labor.

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