Earth Day Torino 2023

Earth Day Torino 2023

A collaborative initiative between Club Silencio and AWorld, aimed at promoting and encouraging active citizen participation in sustainable development and climate change issues, to inspire lifestyle change and action involving adaptation of the best practices aligned with the goals of Agenda 2030

Turin | Started on 01/11/2022 – Concluded on 15/06/2023

Earth Day 2023 was a free one-day event organized at the Musei Reali and Cavallerizza Reale of Turin. Its primary objective is to foster active citizen participation in the culture of sustainability by generating heightened awareness and encouraging engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals outlined in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.Through a diverse program of activities designed for different audiences (workshops, educational and communication moments, webinars, swaps, cleanups, performances, and concerts), Earth Day 2023 aimed to make sustainability, climate, and environmental topics more accessible to citizens, encouraging the adoption of good practices in their daily life in line with the Agenda 2030 to increase the awareness about climate change.

The event was divided into distinct areas, each serving a specific purpose: – Earth Village was a vibrant hub for workshops, discussions, and artistic performances, providing a platform for dialogue and exchange on sustainability, climate change, and environmental protection. It showcased local initiatives in these domains. – Main Stage hosted live concerts and artistic performances that provoked contemplation and reflection on sustainable development and climate change, encouraging participants to reimagine their approach to these critical issues. – Playground, designed for young participants, combines entertainment and education to convey the importance of environmental preservation and instill a sense of responsibility toward the planet and its ecosystems. – Food Market brings together sustainable restaurants and food trucks that prioritize eco-friendly practices and locally sourced ingredients, demonstrating the positive impact of responsible food choices on individuals and the planet. – Earth Market provided a platform for acquiring high-quality, sustainable products while fostering community, knowledge exchange, and education through interactions with local sustainable artisans and producers.

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