Youth Awareness of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Youth Awareness of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

Engaging Youth in Climate Change Mitigation through Environmental Education. Tree Planting and Beekeeping

Dar es Salaam | Started on 25/11/2022 – Concluded on 1/8/2023

Today’s youth of Tanzania is the first generation to feel the impact of climate change effects and the last that can do something about it. However, most young Tanzanians, especially in rural areas who are the majority, are uninformed and less engaged in climate change initiatives, despite the fact climate change impacts affect them more that their counterparts in urban. Too often climate change mitigation initiatives such as national REDD+ across the country have been focusing on adults ignoring the youth majority in the communities.

The project is engaging more than 100 youths in schools and communities in two villages of Rufiji District to mitigate climate change impacts and improve village environmental conditions through climate change awareness programs in schools and communities, community tree planting, to mitigate the impact of climate change, and beekeeping training as well as installation of bee hives. Selected youths will be trained on climate change, and beekeeping (technical and business) to impart conservation knowledge and increase adaptation pathways.

The project is currently implemented in Rufiji district one of Tanzania’s most important biodiversity hotspots containing more than 26,000ha of closed canopy Coastal Forests, grading into larger areas of coastal woodland and thicket habitats. However, the district faces very high rates of deforestation, one key driver of deforestation in Rufiji is the felling of trees for charcoal production mainly miombo woodland. According to Rufiji district Office, approximately 30% of the charcoal arriving in Dar es Salaam comes from the Rufiji. Other drivers of deforestation in the landscape are illegal logging, shifting cultivation, and uncontrolled wildfire in village forest reserves. These human-induced activities in Rufiji District cause serious environmental and ecological damage.

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