The witch with the climate remote control – La strega col climacomando

The witch with the climate remote control – La strega col climacomando

An ecomagic comedy for children and families, which summarizes the truth about climate change and ends with a strong call to action

Europe | 1 July 2021 – ongoing

The witch with the climate remote control is a theatre play for children and families that aims to transmit information on ecological issues (chlorophyll photosynthesis, greenhouse effect, etc.) and raise awareness on important ecological and social issues: deforestation, global warming, climate change, rights of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, protection of biodiversity etc. The show involves the public in an ecological quiz and a strong call to action at the end in which children are asked to vote, taking sides in defense of the forest, with the willingness to change some daily habits. The educational contents are the result of a careful phase of research and documentation, in order to pass scientifically correct and socially relevant information. The language of the show is however playful and fun, inspired by the Italian tradition of the Commedia dell’Arte, in order to convey information in a light and engaging way. The show debuted in the Park of Villa Annoni in Cuggiono on July 4 and will be proposed to schools, municipalities, environmental associations, etc. Inspired by the Commedia dell’Arte, the show is designed to be organized outdoors, in public parks, woods and gardens. After the show we offer schools some in-depth meetings on environmental issues. We offer to families a small book with text and some notes to facilitate the explanation to children of the various topics.

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