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Advancing climate change literacy through board games

Yaounde | Started on 20/10/2020

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the barriers to inclusive science based climate information and local adaptation to climate change impacts are enormous. Low climate change literacy persists amongst the local populace and there is little or no information infrastructure for informing core community climate response. As pointed out by the Afrobarometer 2019, the largest ever survey on climate change literacy in Africa, fewer than 3 in 10 Africans are climate change literates. For a continent warming faster than the global average and the most to suffer the worst effects of climate change, the need for upscaling climate change literacy and climate information flow amongst vulnerable populace cannot be over emphasised.

We leverage drone technology to collect spatial evidence of local climate impacts in climate sensitive localities and from these footages, we generate board games to distill climate knowledge and emergency protocols for local residents to follow during climate hazard events. These board games are very exciting and engaging and designed to inspire household knowledge about causes/impacts of climate change and emergency/contingency plans to adopt in climate hazard sensitive localities. These board games equally have a co-benefit of promoting mental wellbeing among climate affected communities. The project is currently being implemented in the Northern Regions of Cameroon which are frequently affected by droughts and floods. To date, we have distributed over 1500 board games to hundreds of households and the feedback has been very positive.

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