MUGO HR: Climate Pills and Climate Coaching for a carbon neutral workforce

MUGO HR: Climate Pills and Climate Coaching for a carbon neutral workforce.

A one-stop user-friendly experience to engage corporate communities towards a carbon-neutral lifestyle

Global | 22 April 2021 – ongoing

MUGO HR is an innovative B2B service to create a sustainable workforce, a platform where employers can empower employees with the ability to understand and learn about their climate impact. 1) Measuring a person’s carbon footprint is the first step to get real about the climate crisis. To understand the amount of greenhouse gases linked to the person’s lifestyle, every employee has access to a “Carbon Calculator” quiz first and to a “Carbon Report” then, with a wide range of visual data and challenges to understand and reduce on a day by day basis their footprint. 2) “Climate Pills and Climate Coaching” is a project to engage and educate employees, spreading awareness on climate-related topics. On the one hand, Climate Pills educational contents introduce and deep-dive into climate facts and figures; on the other hand, the interactive content “Climate Coaching” is designed to nudge employees towards carbon-reducing habits and daily choices by adopting a new model of consumption.

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