Non so Come dirtelo

Non so Come dirtelo

How to communicate properly Ecological Transition

Turin | Started on 21/04/2022

Non so come dirtelo is a SPELL project on communicating ecological transition and sustainability. The aim is to make communication on these complex topics engaging and more accessible. The project, aimed mainly at the corporate world, makes use of various tools: teatro d’impresa, animated video series, podcasts, editorials, social. A light and entertaining communication that makes concepts understandable even to those who do not have specific skills but want to deal with sustainability and ecological transition. Some product examples are:

1. Noi lo facciamo:chi nella transizione ecologica c’è già: podcasts in which companies tell what they are doing on the path to ecological transition. 2. Ma cosa c’è di tanto difficile: Experts opinion on the climate crisis. 3. Political election 2023: Analysis of party programmes to find out how and whether they talk about ecological transition 4. From Cop with Love, in partnership with Ecco, the first Italian climate think tank, a daily report on COP27. 5. Nel dubbio meglio tacere: on inaccuracies said about climate and therefore on how one should not communicate ecological transition. 6. The difficult words: on the most common concepts to know in the business world to get a clearer picture and stay up-to-date on sustainability. 7. Editorials: on denialism, money and ecological transition, acronyms, nuclear power, communication and other topics that animate the debate on ecological transition. 8. Videos: We try to understand why climate change is not like one of the many we have already experienced in human history. Nine episodes on topics that most impact our lives: transport, food, electricity, the time we have left to fix things. Acronyms: they are everywhere and serve to orientate us in the magnum sea of documents produced on the ecological transition. A simple guide to stay up-to-date. 9. Events

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