Agenzia di Stampa Giovanile

Agenzia di Stampa Giovanile

A news portal made for, with and to young people with the aim of promote young communicators’ voices so that they can meet and dialogue on issues relevant to youth and society as a whole, especially climate change issues

Trento | Started on 13/01/2005

Agenzia di Stampa Giovanile believes in the power of independence of journalism and edu-communication as a tool for social transformation and human rights’ advocacy. Edu-communication is our main methodology and has been defined as a new independent field of social intervention in the interface between education and communication. It is based on two fundamental assumptions: first, education is only possible if conceived as a “communicative action”; second, all forms of communication, namely both symbolic production and exchange or transmission of information and opinions, are in themselves “teaching activities”.

Created in 2005 during the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, today Agenzia di Stampa Giovanile is present in four countries (Italy, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia) and communicates in four languages (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English). Contents are created by our correspondents – young volunteers, some of them organized in regional centers as well as popular and youth communication centers of our partner organizations – and also by guest who periodically collaborate with us. We have already performed a lot of Edu-communicative Coverages of national and international events, as well as offering ongoing training processes for young people and teens in the cities where we operate. One of our main Educommunication Coverages is that of the annual UN Climate Conferences (COP). For more than ten years now (since 2012) we have been bringing a group of young people from Trentino to participate in, follow and cover the COPs with articles and social media contents.

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