Explaining the climate science everyone needs to know, in ways that everyone can understand

Global | 21 July 2014 – ongoing

ClimateAdam is a YouTube channel dedicated to explaining complex climate science with engaging and entertaining YouTube videos. The channel’s philosophy is that climate change may be overwhelming, but that talking about it shouldn’t be.

Topics covered include the physical mechanisms of climate change, the human consequences of these changes, and the actions that can be taken to protect people and planet. The films embrace the YouTube format by using humour and visual metaphor to clarify otherwise inaccessible topics.

Videos have been shared widely, including by the likes of Scientific American, Huffington Post and Greenpeace. To date the channel has over 10,000 subscribers and over 500,000 views across platforms. Further, videos are extremely popular, with almost all receiving over 90% likes (vs dislikes).

The channel is created by myself (Adam Levy) – a doctor in atmospheric physics – in consultation with other climate scientists. This ensures a high level of scientific accuracy. It has previously been awarded two (bronze and silver) climate comedy awards from Inside the Greenhouse.

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