An Anthropocene Primer

An Anthropocene Primer

A born-digital, open access, living publication where participants can engage and find interactive activities that give sense of scale to our environment that ties to local and global issues related to the our current geological epoch

Global | 1 October 2017 – ongoing

An Anthropocene Primer is a born-digital, open-access, teaching tool that was start in 2017 and continues today as a living publication about climate justice in our current geological epoch. The project emerged out of a workshop hosted in 2017 the Indiana University New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Program entitled, Anthropology of the Anthropocene: Structures, Theories, Practices that brought together artists, anthropologists, and leading thinkers in policy, theory, philosophy, science, art, and the humanities who have been tackling the sociocultural frameworks and experiences of the Anthropocene.

The goal of An Anthropocene Primer is an ongoing engagement with large multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary questions about the Anthropocene from ethics and justice to policy and race within and across disciplines and communities around the world. Created for beginners and experts alike – for teachers, self-learners, policy makers, museum directors, funders, and others – An Anthropocene Primer is a guidebook to help make sense of the Anthropocene as a social and geological concept. Readers can work through it from front to back or dip in as necessary to guide their learning or teaching. The syllabus and bibliography are colour-coded for beginner, intermediate, and expert readers. And, the exercises can be completed by individuals or groups. New modules are added regularly as new understandings of the world’s wicked problems emerge related to climate justice and social change.

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