Net Zero

Net Zero

A book that contains a call to action for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Bologna | Started on 01/09/2022 – Concluded on 01/06/2023

A call for action: whether we want it or not we will all be called upon to face the challenge of climate change. Rising temperatures, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, are primarily caused by human activity. Unfortunately, the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere has reached critical levels, and further increases could have potentially catastrophic effects. The direct consequence is that we must reduce, by a great deal and in a short time, the flow of emissions into the atmosphere. And it will not be enough to get to “zero” emissions, because some processes will continue to emit greenhouse gases and will have to be offset by “negative” emissions; the goal therefore becomes to achieve “net zero” emissions – a huge, but inescapable challenge. How to achieve such an ambitious goal?

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