A Far-sighted Fox

A Far-sighted Fox

Nature to save the world: A Comic about Nature-based Solutions

Catania | Started on 01/03/2023 – Concluded on 01/06/2023

A “Far-sighted Fox” is a Comics winner of the open call NBSComics – Nature to Save the World promoted by The Nature of Cities, funded by NetworkNature and the European Commission, about a comic series focusing on Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to tackle and address climate challenges. Thanks to the confidential relationship that in a comic is established between the protagonist and the reader, a dialogue that stimulates creativity and prompts the reader to develop critical thinking, the project wanted to investigate this different means of communication in supporting environmental and social goals, increasing public awareness on climate change, disseminating science-based informations, triggering action of a broad audience.

“Far-sighted Fox” aims to bring attention to the key role that nature and biodiversity play in the fight against climate change and to the multiple benefits that NbS provide to human beings due to their ecosystem services. The story tries to subvert the conventional point of view of the interlocutor and address the issue from the point of view of an atypical protagonist in cities: the animal community. The comic was set in a very dynamic, proactive, and industrialised city that has undergone an inordinate development over the years, leading it to lose much of the green areas that once characterised it. There no longer seems to be much room for the animal community here. But what might happen if one day a brave Fox decides to overturn the inexorable fate the city is facing and help the animal community by opening a “Green Agency”?

The Comics presents an interesting opportunity to combine the “top-down” approach of the cartoonist who, starting from complex information, simplifies it by distributing it along the narration to allow the reader to orient himself; to the “bottom-up” approach of the reader who, starting from his own perception and basic knowledge, gradually immerses himself, through images and narration, in the complexity of the topic.

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