Ci sarà un bel clima

Ci sarà un bel clima

“There will be a good climate” is a party

Italy | 20 July 2020 – ongoing

Climate action lived a sparkling bright period in 2019, and proved its capability to shape public debate and politics. However during 2020, the idea of a just ecologically-compatible social transformation almost fade. Instead, the deep roots of business as usual in politics and investments, and the inurement to consumerist behaviors were commonly acknowledged. This understanding, together with two years of social restrictions, dampen the momentum of climate action leaving activists in discomfort and anxiety. Finding a solution to this situation seems overwhelming, but “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. And, our project named “Ci Sarà Un Bel Clima” is not our first step as activists, but it’s one of the most memorables. “Ci Sarà Un Bel Clima” is a party. The main focus is on having a good time, grouping climate activists, scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians. The party takes place in an inspirational place sustainably reachable. Finding a common ground against the climate related discomfort is the essential target of our project.

“Ci Sarà Un Bel Clima” is a promise. The promise activists need to hear from politicians and entrepreneurs supposed to be working for the transformative change we need, to avert the worst consequences of the ecological collapse. Grouping activists, scientists and those politicians and those entrepreneurs, makes that promise stronger, and makes people feel surrounded and sustained in their journey. “Ci Sarà Un Bel Clima” is a community. After the party we fed the links that have been created with friendship and love. The links that created helped to spark new projects, finding commercial synergies and fundings. The community is useful to provide technical advises or public support when needed. We have organized one party in September 2020, and we have organized a second edition in July 2021and, bracing ourselves for any possible outcome of COP26, we are already thinking of a national-level party in 2022.

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