Climate Change Education, The Pathway to a Resilient Development

Climate Change Education, The Pathway to a Resilient Development

Empowering young people in schools and communities with climate information and ways to take action through environmentally friendly income-generating activities

Douala | Started on 15/09/2020

In Cameroon, climate change is not practically considered a call for concern among young people, despite its visible impacts on the development of the country. This is because of the lack of knowledge/information and emphasis on climate change education. This can be seen from the little to no climate action in Cameroon, fueled by a lack of information among youth according to Cameroon’s 2030 National Development Strategy (NDS30, 2020). The high level of unemployment can be attributed to the reluctance of young people to engage in climate action projects. This is because they do not see any financial benefit from their action, which makes them careless about climate action while attributing the impacts of climate change to natural phenomena. These have made some of them too careless in improving their carbon footprint.

This project is meant to empower young people in schools and communities, through a weekly outreach, with the appropriate climate information and sustainable practices via a well-structured after-school curriculum on sustainability, environmental, and climate change education. Nature still holds the solution to the prevailing climate impacts of our time. Implementing nature-based solutions to climate resilience is adamant. Through it, young people will be able to use nature to protect the environment while generating income. Young people will be trained through workshops on gardening and growing of fruit seedlings and vegetables. It will make schools, households, and communities to be green again. Facilitators, composed of young people are trained on how to deliver the program in schools. This helps to reduce the workload that teachers have and also helps them to develop new skills.

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