Green Anglicans

Green Anglicans

Educate and mobilise Anglicans (and other people of faith) around the world to care for the environment, by sharing best practice models, scientific information and inspirational stories

Global | 2 January 2019 – 15 April 2030

Using social media, we are educating people of faith on issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. By preparing materials for prayers and sermons we are helping them to mainstream these issues by making the link with faith. We disseminate information to the faith community, in particular the Anglicans and others of faith, using social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We share stories of how Anglican Churches are getting involved in mitigation and adaptation – forming a movement called Green Anglicans. We also share scientific articles. We produce materials for church services which link issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss with biblical principles.

Season of Creation – every year we produce a booklet for the month of September with prayers and sermons Sunday school materials

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