We start from a small school in a small place to make public buildings energy autonomous and environmentally friendly not only in the building, but in every element of design and furniture

Arzignano (VI), Italy | 22 April 2021 – ongoing

#CivicActions – Agenda 2030 Educating for citizenship and sustainability in the school of realities

Our aim is to allow students to acquire skills and competences to become active and aware citizens through the study of complex social problems, which allow them to identify the close links between the quality of the environment, quality of life, COLLABORATION, INFORMATION LITERACY through ONLINE DIGITAL INFORMATION.

The project’s objective is to make, together with students, the Leonardo Da Vinci Institure energetically autonomous.

OPERATING MODES: #ActionLab – ANALYSIS, STUDY AND PROJECT LABORATORIES: 1. #data analysis to assess the CO2 emissions of the school, project teaching with contributions from external professional skills 2. #ecoBuilders, to design the Green school from the building – didactic point of view of the project which, after the results of the dataAnalysis studies, proposed all the necessary green building interventions, also redeveloping the green spaces 3. #ecoDesign to design the Green school as an environmentally friendly living environment – project teaching with multimedia aids that created all the internal supplies, from the waste collection baskets, the water dispensers, the classrooms, the laboratories and all the spaces , also for refreshments, using only BIO materials only 4 #logoGreen: internal competition for the creation of the #LiceoGreen logo – IDENTITY of the institute 5. #ecoLab to analyze cyber pollution and propose eco-sustainable laboratories – Informatica Verde 6. #GreenCollaborativeBoard: creation of the “LdV Bacheca” site managed by the students, where to publish all the studies, projects and even the GOOD NEWS on the # LiGeo24 page and PODCAST “LdV” channel


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