Climate change and human health

Climate change and human health

A series of articles on climate change and health topic, contributing to which is a site funded by the European Climate Foundation

Sofia | Started on 04/04/2021

A collection of articles on climate change and health topic, such as climate change and women’s health, heatwaves and health, climate change and health of children, global warming and working conditions, climate change and health system in Bulgaria, abrupt weather changes and human health, etc. Many of the articles were reprinted in other media, including the most prestigious economic online media in Bulgaria – The author was also engaged in media interviews on these topics and came in 3rd place on national concurs for Green journalism “Div Kesten” in 2022. In 2023 she became finalist in the category Economics at the National Journalism Concurs “Web report 2023” for the article “Global warming and labour condition”. In September 2023 she was awarded with European Meteorological Society (EMS) Journalistic Award for an in-depth and thorough review and analysis on global warming and societal impacts, with a particular focus on labour conditions worldwide and women’s health in India.

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